The EZA Community Top 25 of 2008!

  • @ffff0 Ok I will put those up once I am aware of what the rules are.

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    @dipset Bro I was like that with Buzz! Quiz TV.
    Legit there hasn't been a quiz game since that comes even remotely close to that baller ass game. I pray every day for a reboot. Hell, I'm pretty certain Knowledge is Power was originally supposed to be one, considering the host is the same voice actor.

  • @jdincinerator Err... you tell us, since you are organizer of this event. If rules are the same as in previous votes, they are still worth reiterating. As I said, this will make it easier for newcomers.

  • @ffff0 Yeah true but admittedly I only followed what I was meant to do in previous community votes and probably only passively looked at the rules. Whatever the case I'll get those rules up.

  • @jdincinerator A few more 2008 games to add to the list:

    • Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney
    • Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift
    • Lost Odyssey
    • No More Heroes
    • Professor Layton and the Curious Village
    • The Last Remnant
    • The World Ends With You

  • Oh noes, Lost Odyssey was 2008? I need to change my vote!

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    Okay yeah Lost Odyssey really fucks up my list.

  • Uh oh. Just discovered another big boy released in 2008:

    alt text

  • @dipset Not forgetting:

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    @dipset Bro at one point like half my list was racing games.
    2008 was amazing for racers.

  • @dipset which Motorstorm would you say is best? I have owned the original (bundled with my PS3) and Apocalypse (bundled with my PS3DTV) but sold both after playing once or twice. You guys make me feel like I should give it another shot.

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    @e_zed_eh_intern I'd personally say Pacific Rim is the best in the series. Just an all around incredible game. Nothing beats racing through the jungle as lava from an erupting volcano deforms the track.

  • @e_zed_eh_intern

    Motorstorm 1 is my favourite because of its wonky physics (in a good way) and it’s time and place in history. First demo for PS3 I ever played at a Fortino’s grocery store demo kiosk and my
    mind was blown away from the tire tread being made in the mud with real time physics. Also probably the only good racing game that has floaty controls but the physics made for wild crashes.

    Pacific Rift is the better all round game with a much bigger variety of vehicles (Monster trucks vs pickups vs dune buggy vs ATV and more). There maps were way more dynamic with lava and water at play so you couldn’t boost too much near hot areas but you could also string together a series of boosts if you keep hitting water pockets. There were probably like 3 main routes per map as well. Steering was a lot tighter too.

    Fuck I wish it would return. Sony could just strike a deal with Codemasters to make a PS5 exclusive. It’ll sell, I’m positive.

  • @dipset I think you'd have to get SONY to consult with EA because now EA own CodeMasters.

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    Every year I hope for a revival of Motorstorm, Wipeout, or Burnout.
    Every year, I am disappoint.

  • @el-shmiablo Oh shit, I forgot that Burnout Paradise was a 2008 game O_O

  • I only have 16 voters at present so if you have a top 8 to hand PM me pronto!

  • I did the impossible and narrowed down my list.

    Ultimately, I voted for games that I think hold up today.

    For example, I loved R6 Vegas 2 at the time. It was quite honestly my favourite co-op experience in an era where every single game had a tagged on co-op or multiplayer mode. But I played it recently in 2021 and it just isn't fun anymore. Everything from acting, graphics, controls, AI, and structure just don't hold up.

    Same goes for SOCOM Confrontation. It's an all time great game for me, but in 2008 it launched a broken and buggy mess and was lucky it received some generous 5/10's instead of 1's and 2's. It shaped up into an amazing game but basically impossible for me to argue for it in 2008.

  • Before I gather my list I was prepared to say this was a weak year but there are still nice ones so I won't say that

    Still, I can put this one in 2012, 2014 category I guess.

  • @scotty I don't know-2008 had a more defined GOTY winner whereas in 2012 and 2014 it was a toss-up and no game really stood out. You wonder why GT picked Hearthstone in 2014 and X-Com: Enemy Unknown in 2012-who thought either of them was going to win and deserve to win? I think the best years in videogames either have a clear-cut GOTY or there are several very strong contenders. the latter was evident in 2013 and 2011-there were so many great games that came out in those years.