Your Pop-Tarts & Toaster Strudels for Q3 2021

  • Update on how my picks have scored on OpenCritic this year:

    Pop Tarts:
    Q1: Hitman 3 - 86
    Q2: Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart - 88
    Q3: Kena: Bridge of Spirits - 83

    I don't miss on Pop-Tarts. All 3 are among my favorite games of the year.

    Toaster Strudels:
    Q1: Bravely Default 2 - 78
    Q2: Biomutant - 67
    Q3: SkateBIRD - 58

    And I was right about SkateBIRD. It was in rough shape when I played the demo, so not surprised at all by the low score.

  • @jdincinerator said in Your Pop-Tarts & Toaster Strudels for Q3 2021:

    Now both my pop tart and toaster strudel for this month both turned out to be pretty damn good, I can't help but feel that I should've given my toaster strudel to Far Cry 6.

    Far Cry 6 is coming out as part of the upcoming quarter, so you'll have the chance to make it your toaster strudel in the next thread (which I'm about to make) ;)