Dumbest Characters

  • I asked it on this month's EZA Q&A and now I ask you lot-what are some of the dumbest characters you've come across in videogames?

  • Rico from Killzone. I replayed KZ2 somewhat recently, and boy, I was absolutely fuming at this dude. Man has no brains, and is also kind of an asshole.

  • Claptrap. He's obviously designed to be annoying, so saying he's one of the dumbest characters is actually a compliment.

  • @bam541 Don't be too strung up about Rico-afterall he was a victim of this:
    Youtube Video

  • Sora from Kingdom hearts.

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    Seconded Rico from Killzone.
    The conflict in the third game could have been completely avoided if Rico wasn't such a dumbass.

    Metroid - Samus (Other M specifically)
    The characterization of Samus in this game is abysmal. Goes against everything we know about her at this point and changes her personality for a story so bad you think it was written by 343 Industries.

  • Jeff the Cameraman from Uncharted 2. Might be the most realistic Beta male created in video games. Nate suddenly comes in and just starts hitting Elena with do-me vibes and pummels Jeff with Alpha energy.

    Jeff, a certified geek decides to make a documentary in WAR TORN Nepal, gets shot and is then carried away by Nate who was just psychologically killing him with machismo.

    Dude was completely out of his element and should’ve stuck to documenting peewee football in his home town. Two person documentary crew in a war zone and doesn’t even know how to use a gun. Idiot.

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    @dipset Jeff never stood a chance against a Sigma Male like Nate.

  • @bam541
    Hell didn't he also cause something in the PSP game that made shit worse once Killzone 2 rolled around?

  • @dmcmaster did he? Man, I don't even want to find out, lol. Been a while since I played Liberation.

  • I feel bad that the Allies got carried away with their conversation in the Q&A and essentially answered "worst" characters instead of dumbest ones @JDINCINERATOR

    The question was clear, they just got distracted haha.

  • @el-shmiablo said in Dumbest Characters:

    Goes against everything we know about her at this point and changes her personality

    How exactly?
    Samus never really had any dialogue in the previous games. Aside from maybe death screams.

    How do you know what a silent characters personality is like?
    Other M gave her a personality if anything. Just not one that you and others probably expected. What exactly was she like before personality wise?

  • Ethan Winters? Haven played 8 yet but there seems to be a general consensus around that.

  • I think Ethan Winters is more of a simpleton than a dumbass.

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    @yoshi I mean, having a mental breakdown complete with hysterical screaming after seeing an enemy she has canonically kicked the ass of 3 times at this point seems a little out of character in my opinion.

  • @el-shmiablo I think you need to re-watch them cutscenes. Samus actually seen a mouse that's why she was screaming. I think its Canon that all women are afraid of mice so it makes perfect sense.

  • @el-shmiablo yes i know what happened in the story and that you didn't like it. thanks for not answering my question as per the usual it is with you though.

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    @yoshi Please grow up.

  • The weird thing about Other M is that the game simultaneously made Samus look more wussy and more badass than she ever had before.

    In the cutscenes and dialogue it was jarring to see a character that made us, the player, feel like an unstoppable force in past games have PTSD and act subservient to another person.

    In the gameplay, I don't think we've ever seen Samus do something as badass as grab Ridley's head, spin around to face away from him and blast a fully charged shot directly into his mouth in one smooth, seamless movement.

  • Ok. Still didn't have any dialogue before in Zero Mission, The Prime Games, Metroid 2 or Super Metroid (ok the opening of super metroid had dialogue of her recapping events but there was barely any text tbh), and thus still doesn't explain how her personality changed since she didn't actually have one before.

    Only a perception of her personality that you decided to make up in your head for her to have.