Polygon looking for reviewers

  • Not surprising, they're one of the worst mainstream sites for reviews out there.

  • Hey Polygon, I know how to review like you.

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  • I'm not enough of a pompous, self-righteous asshole to write reviews for Polygon.

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    @DeweyDTruman You don't ACTUALLY have to be those things.

    Just fake it until you make it.

  • Wow, a little disappointed in the vitriol about this.

    So much for jollyness

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    Humans have a vast range of emotions. Deal with it.

  • @Art said in Polygon looking for reviewers:

    Humans have a vast range of emotions. Deal with it.

    A vast range, and you go with hostility. Hence my disappointment

  • Not gonna lie, disappointed in the attitudes conveyed here

  • I wouldn't wish upon anyone to learn from or work with Arthur Gies, and Polygon is terrible with their journalistic integrity by changing their review score for many games when they feel like it. An example is Sim City 4 getting its review score changed twice and Battlefield 4 had its review score changed.

    Also, one HUGE thing to note is that Microsoft gave Polygon $750,000 to make a $75,000 documentary about Polygon. I don't know about you, but that just seems like a huge bribe. They should have stopped reviewing any Microsoft games from that point on, but of course that's not the case.

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    ITT goobergators arguing with hippy communists about a shitty garmz jurnalizm website masquerading as an SJW propaganda machine masquerading as a garmz jurnalizm website.

    I personally don't like Polygon, but the way some people here are talking about them you would think they kidnapped their oppai loli waifu.

  • @Haru17 What does Gamergate have anything to do with this? Do you even know what Gamergate is?

  • All I'm saying is I don't have a lot of respect for anybody that would publish that Rock Band 4 preview. I mean, yeah only one person wrote it, but their higher ups had to see it and, instead of saying "No, actually write a real article instead." greenlit it and put it on their website. And that's just the most egregious example that immediately springs to mind, it's hardly an isolated case of what I'd consider subpar work done by Polygon.

  • @Sazime said in Polygon looking for reviewers:

    @ZyloWolfBane Noooope, they've part of Vox.

    And I don't understand the hate either. I don't agree with a couple of the editorial folks over there very often, but I do enjoy reading their articles.

    @TheHashtag0nist said in Polygon looking for reviewers:

    Wow, a little disappointed in the vitriol about this.

    So much for jollyness

    Usually I'd be bashing Polygon as well but I feel like that's been taken care of in this thread. They did and still do some great interviews and articles on occasion, and some of the staff, particularly ex-1up are great at what they do. There is definitely worthwhile content to dig through. That said it has a dubious history in terms of playing too nice with friends and taking some eye-raising payments, as @Whoaness mentioned, coupled with an all too often moralising tone that speaks down to whomever they believe their readership is. This along with some other notable missteps makes them hard to stomach for many. They fell into the "gamer bad" camp pretty hard, so if there's some salt up in here that's part of the reason.

    Their Tropico 5 review is a case in point. If you don't want to look it up the tl;dr version is that the reviewer penalised it for making him feel like a dictator, which is more or less the point of the game, and whilst there is room for an ethical debate on simulating moral vice, his justification fell flat to anyone who actually spent time understanding the game. He just didn't get it at all.

    However, as a freelance gig opportunity, which is what this thread is about, it's definitely worth trying for. There aren't that many places left if you fancy a go at more serious game related writing, and even if the site itself is far from ideal that shouldn't stop anyone from submitting and with any luck publishing great work.

    And hey, at least it ain't Killscreen.

  • I was unaware of some of the controversies, but it's still an opportunity. A chance to be heard, get paid, and get some experience. People pay attention to individual writers and reviewers. If you got something going for yourself, people will notice despite being surrounded by people with a bad reputation.

  • @Whoaness said in Polygon looking for reviewers:

    @Haru17 What does Gamergate have anything to do with this? Do you even know what Gamergate is?

    Gamergate is a (abysmally-titled) borderline to over-the-line sexist group of pop culture-enthused men, nearly all of whom take entertainment journalism waaaaay too seriously. If they actually wanted to make a difference they'd critique the 24-hour TV news networks, but no. They'd rather get angry about journalists not liking the games they like and not hating the ones they hate.

    But back to the forum: Could we be just a tad less at each other's throats here? It's nice when not every convo turns into such a high-stakes argument. Especially for something as inherently dispassionate as an entertainment website.

    Anyway, someone posted a link to /r/KotakuInAction, then deleted it (which I appreciate). As for that subreddit's connection to Gamergate, well, just look.

  • @Haru17 Uh so yeah. Why talk about Gamergate here?

    There's no sexism going on.

  • @Whoaness You asked me what Gamergate is. I told you.

  • @Haru17 because you said:

    Are we seriously discussing shit dredged up by gamergaters?

    Just wondering why you would say this when they have nothing to do with the criticisms against Polygon.