Polygon looking for reviewers

  • @-Jak- Personally, I don't view it as being politically correct asking people to not be hostile towards a gaming site just in general but moreso in this case because it holds no relevance to the topic at hand. The OP talked about a freelance opportunity writing gig, not what everyone's opinion on Polygon actually is.

    2nd rule of the charter for this forum - Stay on Topic - As long as everyone in a thread is happy, this shouldn't really be an issue. On rare occasions when a thread has been completely derailed we might try to steer it back on course or lock it up.

    It's fair to have complaints about whatever you'd like to vent about but when they don't really add to the original conversation and make the conversation lose its focus, it's also fair a lot of people see no reason for others to express those complaints. If the thread was labelled, "Give Your Opinion on Polygon," then lay it on all you like. Hell, there was an extremely negative thread about The Witcher 3 but that wasn't a big deal because that was the intent of the thread - to express dissatisfaction of the game.

    Off-topic hate always seems like people are pursuing their own agendas despite what is actually being discussed.

    Also, just because I feel it needs to be said, I'm not trying to be hostile, just expressing the way I see the situation. Love & respect.

  • @SabotageTheTruth
    I do agree that this thread did get slightly off topic. Some posts more than others. As how credible Polygon is as a workplace does hold some merit. Even though it got a bit excessive.

    However, it does show that the community is capable of a civil disagreement. No reason for anyone to act like WWIII broke out over what is a petty disagreement. And personally, that's what drove me to post here. Seeing people upset that a 24/7 jolly theme wasn't sustained, is not the end of the world. And far from being the beginning of the end for this community.

  • Been looking through the posts here, and while things have gotten a bit off topic (and I am officially requesting they go back on topic) I have to agree with @-Jak- in that this recent debate was handled quite maturely. You have my kudos.

    Now then, back on topic please.

  • Banned

    Geez, let people dislike Polygon if they want to. People are allowed to dislike things.

    EDIT: Sorry Chaos, didn't see your comment until after I posted mine.

  • I get that people don't like Polygon, I generally don't have much of an issue with them besides some reviews I just didnt agree with. I will say though if someone is interested in getting into gaming journalism or whatever not a bad way to start.
    Couple years back I was able to do some freelance stuff with Destructoid. It was really fun and educational to learn how the other side functions.
    And hey, maybe someone from this board will be the change and catalysis that will make polygon a better site for all of us, who knows.

  • This post is deleted!

  • It would be cool though, if they did have people with opposing views of other people though.

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  • Can't believe I missed this thread. Some of the awful responses to Hashtgonists totally unassuming post in really disappointing.

  • @ObbyDent Yeah, it was fun #memories.

    On a related note, I think they're getting their new reviewers soon! XD

  • Would there be any point following this up if you dont live in the US?

  • @Spidarro I very much doubt it, but who knows. Most places do want you to show up at the office every day, though.

  • @Spidarro US/Canada/UK only and it closed on July 3rd I think

  • @TheHashtag0nist Ah ok, im not in any of those places so i was off criteria for it anyway