From Zero Interest To GOTY Contender

  • Anyone have a game that they had no interest in or felt looked bad or dull in trailers but when you played it for yourself you thought that it was one of the best games of that year?

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  • A game that's been in the news a lot recently, A Plague Tale: Innocence.
    The best surprise game of 2019 for me. It was #3 of 50 on my ranked GOTY list for that year. Now the sequel A Plague Tale: Requiem is one of my most hyped games of 2022.

  • @shoulderguy I feel the same way as you regarding A Plague Tale. I wasn't too interested at first but then it became my #2 GOTY for 2019-just a shame that I wasn't part of the EZA GOTY 2019 community vote when it happened.

  • I don't think I can claim zero interest, but Returnal definitely went from what I expected to be a fun, little side game to something that's still my GOTY this year so far.

  • It was Olija for me. I only got interested after watching this trailer, then I bought the game and absolutely loved it.

    Youtube Video

  • @bam541 I was tempted to buy Olija but I wasn't sure about the look of the gameplay. Might give it a go especially seeing as it's very inexpensive.

  • Batman Arkham Asylum

    The pre-release hype made no sense to me. I thought the game honestly looked like a joke. The combat looked gimmicky to me. The stealth looked so watered down that a stealth fan like me scoffed. I thought people were taking a comic book plot way too seriously.

    I even played the demo and thought the stealth was really bad. I can safely say that I was genuinely confused why anyone was hyped for that game. My buddy insisted it was great and so I bought it for him since he's a Batman fan.

    And you know what. I feel like I wasn't wrong. It IS a pretty watered down stealth game. It's a pretty watered down character action game too. But it works when you blend all of its systems together and create a Die Hard video game essentially. It's sort of the game that warmed me up to casualized game systems. Don't get me wrong, I've always played casual mainstream games but I used to really like stealth like SOCOM II, MGS4, Riddick, Splinter Cell, etc, so Batman marketing telling me picking off enemies was "stealth" sort of irked me. But when I saw past all of that, I think I found an all timer.

    One of the greats if you ask me. 2009 was a fire year and Batman isn't my 2009 GOTY but it's good enough. Idk if I've ever 360'd that hard ever.

  • I've never played a game I had zero interest in before, so This hasn't happened to me.

    The opposite has happened though. For a few years in a row, I promised myself to try a new gaming franchise every summer. One summer, I decided to buy Uncharted 2 and I was really excited to get into it because of the incredible praise it received.

    If I ignore all the glitches I experienced on my play through, the game still rubbed me the wrong way at every single turn from a game design perspective. It was a very boring and miserable play through. Thankfully it wasn't enough to give up on Naughty Dog there. The Last of Us games are very strong.