Huber's Love For The Evil Within

  • It's admirable that Huber has such a passion and infatuation with The Evil Within and The Evil Within 2 but does anyone else share his level of passion for them? And if not why not?

  • I've finished both this year. I don't share the passion but I don't share the passion for Resident Evil either, so coming from that angle I can see how someone can have a special place in his heart for EW, because it's both more creative and brutal while sharing some DNA.

    Also, horror is a genre that doesn't get enough love outside the blockbuster that is RE. Dead Space is dead, Alien Isolation had limited success (unfairly IMO), then most of the games are very low budget games. Even Outcast 2 is a step below AA level. Evil Within is one of the few exceptions of a game with some budget that fully embraces the horror genre.

  • @phbz Honestly I made this post after I saw you had reviewed The Evil Within in the "Last Game You Finished" forum.