PS5 Director's Cuts

  • If there's one game that deserves a director's cut on PS5 it's Knack. Now we know that when Knack came out at the launch of the PS4, it was one of the best looking games ever made. Meticulous attention went into creating the relic-dabbled body of Knack and to see this upscaled with ray-tracing, it'll make the game look so pristine and perfect that it would break all PS5s that ran it.

  • We still don't really know what Director's Cut implies yet.

    I would argue the language "Director's Cut" means something along the lines of cut content or rearranged content. In the case of Ghost of Tsushima, I think the new chapter is what makes it a "Director's Cut" instead of a usual GOTY-Edition or Remaster. Still no idea what Death Stranding DC will be. My guess is a rearrangement of some sort plus an expansion.


    If Director's Cut's become a trend where instead of making new DLC, the studio spends the next year adding onto the original game and re-releasing it at full price for newcomers, then an additional fee for pre-existing owners, I can get on board with that.

    Everyone knows the Souls series has a lot of cut levels which then affected the story and all of that. It'll never happen for older games but if From Software ever needs to abandon a level or idea mid-development, I'd love for it to get completed in a Director's Cut for sure.

  • Still waiting for the amiibos. I feel like we're just months away.

  • I don't want any new cuts.

  • @dipset Judging by Ghost of Tsushima, it is mostly just an expansion pack and a few extra features.
    Personally I think it is kinda dumb to advertise is like this, as it makes what it is very unclear what is being added or changed.

  • Bloodborne, but nobody wants to say it, because we all know it isn't coming. Bloodborne though.

    There's one more in this realm, but the situation with that one is even worse, so I won't even bother saying it.

  • Xenogears-We need a real 2nd CD. Actually it could do with a remake the controls are a fucking nightmare. Imagine a remake on the PS5 it would probably cost 200 million and sell about 1 millions copies, probably bankrupt SE

    Deus Ex Mankind Divided- All the cut content from the ending would be nice. Feels like we got 3/4 of a story & game.

  • @mbun

    Demon’s Souls Director’s Cut with missing archstone?


    Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

  • @mbun Konami will give it to DontNod to turn into an episodic adventure game where Boss learns the true meaning of love while travaling through time with Ocelot.