• inntroducing Nintendo Switch OLED

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    now please internet. stfu about switch pro.

  • Nintendo be like...
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    @mbun Honestly the best improvement of this new model.

  • It's not a Switch Pro. Honestly this is quite disappointing.

  • Quite possibly the biggest misstep by Nintendo with the Switch so far. Regardless of the rumours, whoever thought that releasing a new premium model with little to no improvements for people who play docked was a good idea?

  • @hazz3r I don't so much get it either, but seeing plenty of Handheld players already planning to buy one, so to each their own. I'm sure it'll sell fine. I'm actually glad if this means no power split until Switch's successor. That sucked during the 3DS era. We don't need shit that's limited only to the OLED Switch. The only true misstep of this one that I immediately notice was that they improved the Kickstand, but it still has no built in Vertical Mode swivel on it for all those games on Switch.

  • Its like the vita in reverse. So the Switch Pro was just wishful thinking imaged up by fans. Guess we'll have to wait for that switch 2

  • I never actually expected a true Switch PRO so to speak so this is a pretty solid upgrade. Not the type of upgrade that would have me trading in my old system, but it's essentially what the Switch should've been off the rip. The extra hard drive space is the big one because the microSDs are in-fact slower than the internal hard drive from my experience and it's a conscession I've justified because of the portability factor.

    Considering I haven't played much Switch since I got it in late-2018, I wish I waited for this. It looks to be a pretty solid system, definitely worth $399 moreso than the original Switch model which I don't think should be $399.

    IDK I'm not complaining tbh. I'm indifferent.

  • @dipset said:

    The extra hard drive space is the big one because the microSDs are in-fact slower than the internal hard drive from my experience

    Digital Foundry proved that. The difference is pretty negligible, but on games you play often with long loading it is worth storing those specifically on the internal for gains over time.

  • @e_zed_eh_intern

    Yeah eff that. PS5 Digital is $50 more...

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    @mbun Why not just make it system level like the Xbox One/PlayStation 4? Both systems could run all games, but the Pro model runs at higher resolution/framerate.

    I agree that making some games New 3DS exclusive with terribly dumb.

    @dipset A 50 buckerino price increase for basically nothing.
    What the actual fuck, Nintendo.

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  • Do you mean a standalone console none portable or a ps4/xbone one standard portable?

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    @paulmci27 Are you talking to me?
    I was saying that Nintendo could easily release a more powerful console while maintaining the library across them. The Xbox and PlayStation have no trouble doing this.

    Then again, I wouldn't be even slightly surprised if Nintendo ditch support for the console when they drop a new one, just like the Wii and WiiU.

  • @el-shmiablo Yeah thats what id hope they'd do. Couldn't see them doing it though even though the concept of the swith was kinda mute when they released the Switch lite. I'd love a more powerful console alternative.

  • @el-shmiablo said:

    Why not just make it system level like the Xbox One/PlayStation 4?

    Because devs won't hold back and will continue to push forward, using good enough on the beefier hardware as an excuse for letting lesser experiences slip through on the lesser hardware. Happened with the 3DS, and it would've happened again with the Switch. I'm not even talking your full Cyberpunk situations, more subtle stuff than that, but you definitely feel the pressure to upgrade when the games that ran well enough before a new beefier system was out suddenly feel like they're taxing your system beyond the limits and it is basically a matter of time before it buckles under the extra strain.

    I was saying that Nintendo could easily release a more powerful console while maintaining the library across them.

    I imagine when Switch's successor comes it'll stay backwards compatible with Switch games, but it will be a successor where the games on it won't run on Switch anymore. Who knows though? Nobody saw this coming today, especially the name, so guessing Nintendo's next move continues to be a fool's errand.

  • What a stupid move! Way to go Nintendo. At least I don't have to wait for a new more powerful model anymore...

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    @mbun I mean, does that really matter when most of the games on the platform are already lesser experiences? This is literally just the risk people run buying hardware. Something better will always come out at some point and render the previous hardware obsolete.
    With that said, while I enjoy playing games with better graphics and smoother framerates, I don't think games are inherently worse if played on weaker hardware, as long as it meets a baseline. I loved playing Dark Souls 3 at 1080p/30, but I also enjoyed playing it at 1440p/unlocked when I upgraded to the pro. But I guess the situation on the Switch is different, seeing as it can barely run some games as is. Like if somebody told me their only option to play Wolfenstein was on the Switch, I'd probably tell them not to bother.

    You're right though, guessing what Nintendo will do is silly, since they don't seem to make their decisions with any kind of sense.

  • This is pretty much what I was expecting. The only time Nintendo did a half-step upgrade ala Xbox One X and PS4 Pro was the New Nintendo 3DS, and it was barely supported.

    The other consoles have a much more substantial hardcore crowd that they can sell those kinds of upgrades to. Nintendo doesn't. The Switch has sold and continues to sell gangbusters even though it was weaker than the previous gen of competition and MUCH weaker than the current gen. All the signals from management have been that they're very happy with how the Switch has performed and that it has (paraphrasing) "redefined what a hardware cycle can look like".

    Rather than being any kind of a Switch+, I see this Switch as being its proper form. Two of the upgrades they've added, the ethernet port and the wide kickstand, should've been there at launch. And maybe they were meant to be. The Switch had more design flaws compared to ALL of Nintendo's previous hardware, which were more than likely due to launching 'hot' because the Wii U's cycle was ended early.