Steam Deck

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    @yoshi Okay?
    This isn't the WiiU.

    What are you doing, dude?

  • @el-shmiablo clearly i'm pointing out that the steam deck having decent preorders means nothing. It could easily be a sales flop in the long term just like the wii u was.

    How bout actually waiting more than 5 minutes before bragging about "success"?

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    @yoshi Whatever helps you cope, I guess.

    Anyways, more memes!




    Also, DigitalFoundry posted a video that gives us a hint at what kind of power the thing will have.

    Youtube Video

    tl;dr it's basically closer to an XBox Series S in power, but with half the power draw. Literal generations ahead of the Switch on terms of power.
    Considering the base model is only 50 bux more expensive than the Switch OLED, that is pretty wild.

  • Kudos for valve for making PC gaming affordable as GPU prices are raising to sky.

    Hand held PC gaming is definitely innovation.

  • @el-shmiablo yes more memes indeed!


  • I'm will be very surprised if this doesn't "fails". Seems to me like a cool niche thing that will be very lucky to pull even 10% of the Switch sales, even if the hardware is much better.

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    @yoshi That's a good one! Thanks for contributing to the thread.


    I like this one a lot myself.

  • Here's a novel idea. Enjoy and discuss this new product without weaponizing it for dumbass fanboy console wars lobbying.

    This disingenuous back and forth isn't clever or valuable. Even if you're obsessed with that comparison, there's your usual list of pros and cons for each that the "memes" purposely ignore.

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    @mbun I absolutely agree.

  • @el-shmiablo If you did you'd stop purposely baiting more of it.

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    @mbun I absolutely agree.

    So what games are you guys looking forward to playing on your Steam Decks?
    For me, I think I'll play Doom (2016). This should be able to run that at the system's native resolution of 800p at a rock solid 60fps, on highest settings!

  • Yeah I'm getting very, very tired of the war between @Yoshi and @El-Shmiablo, we can't have a thread without it anymore and it's pathetic. Can't you just ignore each other?

    Also, are there any mods left on these forums? @Yoshi in particular should have been banned permanently ages ago, it's baffling he's still allowed to be here.

  • @axel said in Steam Deck:

    Also, are there any mods left on these forums? @Yoshi in particular should have been banned permanently ages ago, it's baffling he's still allowed to be here.

    Seems to be a thing with small forums. I used to be a member of a forum smaller than this one, one member was a serious a-hole, but when I pointed him out, all the other members/mods/admins Frank Grimes'd me.

    OTOH, Yoshi isn't nearly as bad, just kinda hotheaded.

  • Honestly every system wars bs on this forums has the same two characters involved and that's something I personally could do without.

  • @axel if you dislike me that much. Why not take some of your own advice and just ignore me yourself then axel?.

    Also you guys always assume we're getting hot headed. Why? Can't we have some fun with debating each other?
    Like ever?
    Even for something as silly as console wars?
    Last i checked i'm not stopping you from posting anything.

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    The thing is I don't even hate Nintendo.
    Just the fans.
    Same thing with anime.

    @Yoshi oh I'm absolutely sure you are getting hot headed. You've private messages me telling me to go fuck myself a bunch over the years. Hell, you did that one time just for liking one of your posts.
    Let's not forget that time you started stalking my wife and I on FaceBook, and started stalking my YouTube account.

    Personally, I love the little guy! He's very entertaining.

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  • @oscillator thanks for sticking up for me.
    Unlike the rest of them.

  • I feel like we're a small forum, so permabanning people would just make it more dead than it already is, and then the two of them would just go somewhere else and act like this, so I'm more for them correcting their behavior and encouraging them to grow as people versus shoving them out the door and locking it. Hell, even if we did that, I'm halfconvinced they'd just make different accounts and come right back anyways. I already suspect there might be some multiple accounts shenanigans going on.

    That said, if they keep time and time again showing they're solely here to start flame wars, bait arguments, and troll, with no intention to change that, there's not much more you can do than ban / rangeban.

  • Starting to think about the living room implications of Steam Deck. I've toyed with the idea of getting a new laptop with my partner but our older Macbooks still have some life left in them so it's hard to justify a new laptop until these die. On the video game side of things, I've thought an Xbox Series S might be nice for playing Game Pass in the living room, but if I'm willing to half step with an S, I could always kill two birds with one stone and get a laptop.

    Then there is Steam Deck which is less than a laptop but somewhat comparable and also portable. I know I'm saying the obvious here but there might be more use for this Steam Deck than I originally imagined.