Favourite F1 Car Liveries, Drivers And Tracks

  • I've been a fan of F1 most of my life and there are certain liveries, drivers and tracks that I really love and make me feel more excited about F1. Some of my favourite liveries include the 2007 Honda with its earth-inspired livery-some might say it looks like a mess but I quite like how "out there" it is. The Jaguar livery was pretty sharp with that glistening green sheen. The 2002 Renault I loved as well, it was the season where the Benneton identity had been scrapped and this Renault really looked cool with its blue and yellow livery-was quite a competitive car-Jenson got quite a few 4th places with it.

    I like drivers who have a fan-pleasing personality and are memorable in a variety of ways. Ayrton Senna's emotional and passionate personality really resonates with me, Michael Schumacher was an idol of mine when I was kid, Jenson Button has always seemed so casual and chill to me and Kimi is pricelessly entertaining. I quite enjoy Daniel Ricciardo though all I think about when it comes to him are shoeys and his big horse-grin smiles.

    As for tracks, I love the Canadian and Brazilian GPs-not only are they interesting circuits and have been on the calendar for donkeys years-but driving on them in F1 games is so breezy-I always have a sense of momentum and speed when I play on those circuits. The Australian GP, Monaco, Monza and Imola are some of my top picks as well. Baku has provided some amazing races too. I miss some of the old tracks they used to run like Valencia and Sepang as well as some of those that left the calendar before I really had the chance to get properly invested in them like the Argentine GP and Portugal's Estoril track.

  • The classic black/golden JPS is my all time favourite. Mercedes had some great looking cars too, and you can't go wrong with Ferrari.

    Senna will forever be my favourite and the last of the great drivers. Not because there's no good drivers but because he's the last one before technology took over.

    Tracks I love SPA, just because is my favourite track to drive in videogames. Estoril too but mostly for my childhood memories. First Senna victory was there and I grew up in the area. Baku from the modern ones is pretty great with a mix of top speed and technical corners.

  • 1999/2000/2001 Ferrari

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    Aesthetically, I love this livery and uniform, but it's sentimental because my Zio Frank went to the GP in 1999 and brought me home this little kid Schumacher racing jacket that was an exact replica. I had footage of myself wearing it in a school project from around Grade 2 (2002) but my parents house was flooded and the tape was lost forever. I just remember the placement of Tic Tac, Shell, FedEx on the side. Proof that advertising works cause I used to ask my dad for Tic Tacs.


    Again, sentimental. I have this hat around somewhere.

    I also got in trouble at school for wearing the Schumacher jacket around 2004-ish when they started to crack down on cigarette advertising. Which leads me to the next one...

    Paul Tracy, Team Kool Green


    alt text

    I used to have a shirt that looked exactly like this one. I know it's Indy Car and not F1, but the team Kool Green livery was sick and Paul Tracy was a big deal here in a Canada in the 2000s. We'd go to the Molson Indy sometimes and I'd go for Paul Tracy.

    Again, around 2004ish, my teachers started to get mad at me and told my parents I can't wear it to school anymore.

    Fuckin' Nazi's man...

  • I think the Algarve track is pretty slick. It's great to see it's been added to the F1 2021 game.

  • @jdincinerator have you tried it, I was reading some comments and people were saying it was very challenging.

  • @phbz

    I've played it. The F1 series is casual enough to have fun with but serious enough to go hardcore. I played the MyCareer and it's a good time. You can adjust the AI and assists to sort of fine tune the challenge to your liking.

    Personally, I wish there were more preset difficulty modes so you don't have to trial and error the difficulty settings but once you find a sweet spot, it's not too challenging.

    There is also a Casual mode where hitting curbs at the wrong angle or accelerate on grass won't make you spin and retire and other assists like that.

  • @dipset I was just asking about Algarve. I've read people saying that the fast blind corners and elevation changes make it a challenging track. Some love it, some hate it.

  • @phbz Yeah it's a challenging track but it's pretty good as well.