So, when are we getting PlayStation Kart?

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    I think that a lot of the reason that Modnation and LBP Karting never took off was because of a small userbase.
    Now that the PS4 is far and away the dominant console, I could see something like a Sony Cart or PSASBR2 maybe being a little more succesful.

  • @El-Shmiablo I don't think 80 million is considered a small user base, or even an estimated 50 million if we want to take in account of their user base at the time of those games release.
    Mario Kart 8 sold 7.7 million with only 13 million consoles sold. User base isn't the issue.

  • It's a shame PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale never became what I had hoped it could be. There was just something... off with that game. Maybe it was the thing, that you could get kills only through the finishers or whatever they were called. Propably a lot more than that, though. It didn't feel the way you'd want it to feel.

    But anyway. I would totally play a GOOD "PlayStation Kart" with a lot of Sony characters and levels. I mean, for me, Crash Team Racing still remains the king of the hill, so something like that would make me go WUUP WUUP! Maybe the return of Crash (in some form) ignites something somewhere and the wheels start to spin...

  • @seppo91 said in So, when are we getting PlayStation Kart?:

    I do think the audience is there, it's just that we never get a good one unless it is Mario.. And Sonic I guess.
    People were really excited for PSASBR but the mixed reviews and lack of must have characters hurt it a lot.
    What if we got a Kart racer with the same quality as Sonic all-star racing, with the cast that people wanted from PSASBR.

    Oh, and PlayStation(and Sony) is so much more than just cinematic story games, come on.

    Modnation Racers reviewed favorably and was generally well liked by the people that played it, so it can be classified as "good". It however did not sell.
    People went into PSABR expecting Smash with Sony characters and were dissapointed when they didn't get it, the rest simply didn't care.

    So far nothing has pointed towards there being a market for it on Playstation. Maybe they have a better shot at it now with PS4 in the lead, but I doubt it.

  • @suplextrain I bought modnation racers on PS3. Good game with a diabolical load times. I wouldn't want a Playstation Kart as such. I think the top PS characters are pretty dull in a Kart Racer. They're just too serious.

    When they made LBP Karting i thought it had potential but mechanically it was a step back. I also feel like they missed an big opportunity. They should have had Sackboy versions of all the PS characters or make new characters for the LBP universe.

    I also think 60 dollars might be offputting for some Playstation users. If they made a smaller game with rewards like in Rocket League they could build a userbase and then go from there

  • I think a unified artstyle would help a lot, maybe something similar to Disney infinity.

  • It's really hard to imagine how sony could make a kart racing game and have it be successful. I think if they were to make a karting game with first party characters I think they would be better off making a game more like Twisted Metal then Mario Kart.
    Or maybe something like Road Rash, now I just want a new Road Rash game : /

  • With how poor PSABR did, i dont think they are that motivated for it. IDK i just dont think sony IPs are that strong.

  • @Bigdude1
    I kinda disagree, I think sony has a great library of IPS they have and continue to create, I just dont think most of them really work well together. You have dark and broding characters like Kratos or Cole from Infamous, cartoony characters like Sly / Ratchet or Knack and fun loving characters like Drake from uncharted. I think when you bring all those together there's just such a strong contrast they just dont mix that well. I think one of the problems with those games (Modnation, PSAS) they seemed really heavily inspired by mario Kart or smash, seemed like Sony was saying "Me Too, we can do this too." Which I never think is a good idea. I think when Sony tries and do its own thing, its much more successful.

  • @TheMarcV It's not like smash was that similar, like they had solid snake with pikachu. but that was one of the main problems with allstar battle royale. they had to rely so much on 3rd parties(raiden, dante, big daddy), and even then it didn't feel fully realized.

  • @TheMarcV I think that a unified artstyle would help a lot in that case. Make it stylised and a little bit cartoony, maybe a bit like Disney infinity. I definitely could imagine both Drake and Keratosis in that style.
    And yes, sony have a great library, and as long as they would get Spyro, snake, cloud and crash this time I think there would be enough popular character even for the people that aren't that invested in Sonys 1St party.

  • @Bigdude1 said in So, when are we getting PlayStation Kart?:

    With how poor PSABR did, i dont think they are that motivated for it. IDK i just dont think sony IPs are that strong.

    They have strong IPs with good characters. The problem is that the more charming ones are too old (and thus a lot of people don't know who they are nor care about them) or they're not good fits for that kind of game (for example party games).
    I mean Kratos, Nate, etc. work in their respective games but as guest characters they're pretty underwhelming.

    For these kind of party games they would need for characters like Crash, Daniel Fortesque, etc. to make a comeback so they can join in with characters like Ratchet, Sly and so on.

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    @suplextrain I think with the latest Ratchet game being such a big success for Sony, we might be seeing more of these types of games.
    I mean, we've already got a Crash trilogy remake on the way. More than ever right now, Sony seems to know just what to give the fans.

  • eh Ratchet aside sony doesn't have shit to make a good kart racer out of, Sly and Ratchet are the only ones to get new games recently, Jak is dead, Crash is gonna be a quick cash in, and no one wants to drive in a kart with Drake, Kratos, ect...

    if sony wants to do arcade driving game BRING BACK TWISTED FUCKING METEL!!!! and make it good this time ya twats.

  • @KingofDMC sounds like you take a lot for granted. Sure, Jak and a lot of Sony characters might not have gotten a game in a long time, but so what? When was the last time we got an ice climbers game? Didn't stop Nintendo from having them in every smash except the new one.
    There are a lot of Sony characters that could be in this, not just Drake and Kratos.
    And even if you wouldn't wanna play as them, both Drake and Kratos were some of the more popular characters in PSASBR

  • I'd honestly be happy with a brand new Crash Team Racing. Besides strange additions like Link in Mario Kart 8, Mario Kart is usually focused on characters directly associated with Mario, not all of Nintendo. CTR is beloved by anyone who played it back in the day so I think it could certainly sell well, but trying to throw in all relevant Playstation characters would be a misstep in my opinion.

    When the remasters of Crash come out, have them include a demo to the new Crash Team Racing. Make that be the announcement and watch the internet erupt in excitement.