Trash Babies

  • A new EZA show is coming up called Trash Babies and it's apparently about the Allies playing games that have scored 60 or below-probably on OpenCritic or MetaCritic. What games do you expect to see on this show and what are your own trash babies?

  • When the submissions open up, I am absolutely submitting Shellshock 2 on PS3. It would be helpful if you guys backed it up too. This game is absolutely fucking ridiculous. The shooting and movement is complete jank, but the plot and context is beyond tasteless.

    • You fight a hockey mask wielding bullet sponge chainsaw man in the middle of some hut in Vietnam.
    • The first cutscene is just torture.
    • One of your comrades is a bikini-clad GI who is also a ghost apparently...
    • The main villain is some guy with a cheap Vietnamese accent.
    • They have multiple instances of feral pigs getting blown up by landmines.
    • There are Vietcong zombies that suddenly appear with no context (nor AI).

    And best of all, there is a Sixaxis mini-game where Vietcong attack you in a trench and you have to shake the controller so vigorously that it took my buddy like 4+ tries and he could only get through the part if he gripped the controller like he's jerking off and vigorously jerked for like 15 seconds. It's just completely fucking ridiculous. We were dying of laughter. On 360 or PC, this recurring minigame is a button mashing QTE but the Six Axis version is just toooooooo funny.

    The game is so bad that it's good. But still trash.


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  • @dipset I've seen the teaser and I could recommend a bunch of games for Trash Babies. However, I think I'd vote for Police Chase. Now I've played a lot of garbage in the past from Ride To Hell: Retribution to The Quiet Man-but I haven't found a game with such deceptive marketing but is also a huge pile of hot flaming garbage.
    Youtube Video

    Youtube Video

    Compare the trailer and the gameplay video to see exactly what I'm talking about.

  • The first episode arrived about 24 hrs ago on Patreon. I thought it was good! Maybe not the most entertaining game, this first one, but the main idea behind the whole show is solid. Hoping to see some luxurious trash!

  • I would love to see them play Left Alive and Tamarin... I don't think they ever talked about these games after release.

    Youtube Video

    Youtube Video

    Also, I love the layout of the Allies' camera and gameplay screen. Made the episode more engaging to watch than their usual streams.

  • Two Worlds - The PC version has a 65 on Metacritic but the Xbox 360 version that I played has a 50. It's a bad game but it was kind of fun in a weird broken way.

    Two Worlds speedrun:
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  • I really don't know if the Allies should be committed to torture but Ride to Hell: Retribution might be the game that could prove to be the most insufferable choice:
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  • Definitely Life of Black Tiger. Who can forget this game?

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  • @scotty
    Pretty sure it's been delisted

  • it didn't but it should have
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  • @yoshi I personally enjoyed Bugsnax it's weird and quirky but I understand that the only thing you do in Bugsnax is catch them and use them to deck out grumpsuses.

  • @dmcmaster

    What a shame...

  • @yoshi

    It just looks like a Nintendo game, why are you upset? 😛