can we get a better "block user" function on here?

  • title is pretty self explanatory. can we get a better block user function on this site and make it so that when i block someone, the blocked person won't be able to view my post's either?

    not really much point in blocking someone if they can still view, read and reply to my post's, even if i hide their response's from my view.

    would be better if it worked more like the blocking function on facebook

  • On the flipside, if someone blocks you, you won't be able to see what they post...and I get the feeling the forums would look preeeeeetty empty for you in that case (legit no offense).

  • @oscillator meh. They're pretty empty already as it is anyway. Not like i'll be missing much.

    i think it's pretty obvious who i want to block atm anyway

  • Yes please