Japan Olympics 2021

  • loved all the video game music through the opening ceremony

    and omg i love this on google so much

    discuss all things olympics related here.

    so far this is definitely shaping up to be my favourite olympic games ever! :D

  • This Olympics might cripple Japan's healthcare and the IOC has them by the balls because they refuse to cancel, so I think there is just a dark cloud over this one no matter what. It also seems like no country maybe other than Russia 2014 has ever had so much local protest in recent memory.

    Definitely a dark cloud to me.

    I want to watch Skateboarding out of curiosity but I've never really been into competition skating anyways. Mainly just wanna see how Andy Anderson does for Team Canada considering he is a pretty outside the box skater and doesn't even do competition besides Freestyle which isn't even an Olympic event.

  • Well on the bright side the stands were completely empty so if anyone gets infected with covid at least it will only be the athletes and olympics staff themselves rather than the general public

  • Easily the worst modern Olympics due to the circumstances but I'll still follow them mostly for track and field, swimming and gymnastics.

    How Japan with a full pandemic year to prepare managed to be so behind with the vaccine roll out, blows my mind. Also the amount of PR disasters is hilarious.

    On the population side I think there's an overreaction regarding Covid and the Olympics but that's probably a symptom of deeper problems.

  • Watched a bit of the Men's Street Skateboarding Finals, it was pretty great, not gonna lie. Everyone was so passionate. Horigome Yuto (the Japanese representative) pulled three absolutely wonderful high stakes tricks in a row, what a chad, deserved that gold medal. I really like the format of the competition, it really encourages risky tricks and it has been a trap that hit some of the athletes. Too bad Nyjah can't pull his usual big tricks, but Jagger Eaton was there to back it up for the USA boys.

  • This was special
    Youtube Video

  • I follow a ton of sports photographers on social media and I've been following skateboarding my entire life and it's funny to see my Instagram feed where these two worlds have completely merged.

    What I find interesting is how photographers like Atiba Jefferson are taking his usual low angle skate photos, whereas your usual sports action photographers are using like 500mm lenses and taking their traditional shots. I think the greater photography world doesn't actually know what makes a good skate photo yet, but it's also interesting to see their perspective.

    That said, I'm almost positive the event organizers have limitations of who can go where, but some people are definitely not getting up close.

    Atiba - Lifelong Skate Photog




    Versus other general Sports Photographers:

    Pauline Ballet


    Mark Blinch



    It isn't that one way is right or wrong. Just interesting to see different styles merging at the Skateboarding events.

    The street events were kinda meh. Nyjah went a little soft for some reason and it was weird to see some serious competition like Felipe Gustavo get cut before the Finals. I guess the Olympics in general are pretty accelerated competitions but it all just felt fast.

    A bunch of little girls won the Women's competition. They are great, I've followed the Brazilian Rayssa Leal for 2ish years now. It just seemed like really low competition compared to X-Games or even other competitions recently. The street events in general kinda had this low energy.

  • @dipset I remember hearing that a lot of Olympic events get watered down because of the limited number of entrants per country so in a sport where 8 of the top 10 might all be from one country, only 3 are allowed to qualify. Do you think that might be part of it here?

  • This always gets me 100% hyped for the Olympics, even if it's the Obligation Olympics:

    Youtube Video

    The men's road race was outstanding. Harder than most Tour de France stages.

    Surfing seems too luck-based to be in the Olympics. Something like 70% of the competition is spent waiting for the right wave.

    Y'all be sure to check out weightlifting and high jump! :-)

  • First wave of the men's surfing gold medal final, and the board snaps in half.

  • Over by pandemic, the best thing is the Olympics done by japan.

  • Men's high jump final is on. This is always a highlight for me. Some real characters competing this year. :D