That Nintendo E3 2008 Wii Music Presentation

  • One of the cringiest showings ever to grace the E3 stage, Nintendo's presentation of Wii Music in 2008 was nothing but a lot of noise and racket. You think your parents roving around your house with a vacuum cleaner is bad-try playing this embarrassing Wii Music showcase on a pair of speakers so the whole street can hear it! Featuring Shigeru Miyamoto fronting a quintet of other Nintendo employees-they took the stage to play what only can be described as a 4 year-old's rendition of the classic Super Mario theme. Now to be fair, Wii Music may have been a game that was designed to be a carefree muck about that anyone can enjoy rather than some serious rhythm-action game. However, what I guess many of us were expecting was something a bit more nuanced or challenging like a Guitar Hero game-but no it's just you flinging around your Wii Motes and Nunchuks with no skill required as your Miis can be seen playing their baloon-like hearts out. You have got to give props to Miyamoto for showcasing Wii Music professionally, even if all of us who watched were cringing very hard.

    The great news for Nintendo is their abysmal 2008 presentation is still much better than anything EA and Ubisoft put out these days.

  • Nah this was even more cringe
    Youtube Video

  • @yoshi Well to cut this one some slack it is a child demonstrating how the game works-which to me isn't as cringe.