Poorly Reviewed Games You Like

  • Banned

    Code of Princess
    The closest we've ever gotten to a true Guardian Heroes successor. Playing it on the 3DS was an absolute pain because of the constant framerate drops, but shit still gave me flashbacks to those days booting up the Saturn and fucking shit up with my golden skeleton homie.

  • Metroid Prime Federation Force

  • @el-shmiablo There is a Switch version with 60fps and revamped combat, but no English dubbing. I got the physical copy of both versions. Reviews were between mixed and average, yet the game sold well on 3DS.

    • Killer Is Dead
    • Onechanbara Z2: Chaos
    • Gun Grave
    • God Hand
    • Kill La Kill IF
    • Double Dragon IV
    • Street Fighter III
    • Street Fighter V - Note: Justifiable as Capcom tried to sale a $60 beta. I got the Champion Edition with all of the updates and most of the season passes.
    • Resident Evil 3 Remake

  • Federation force
    Fragile dreams
    Kirby air ride

  • @bigdude1 wait kirby air ride reviewed poorly?

    i haven't played it myself but i thought it would have reviewed well? i constantly hear people say air ride is the best kirby game of all time?

  • @yoshi it has a 61 on Metacritic.

    I think most reviewers didn’t really get it after playing a hour or so.

  • Banned

    It's a 73 on Metacritic, but I love myself some Dante's Inferno. Nothing really more than a straight of God of War clone with a Christian mythology skin thrown on top, but the level design for some of the circles of hell were great, and the sound design was unmatched at the time. Seriously, sometimes I would just sit there and jam the projectile button to listen to the sound of the Holy Cross.

  • @el-shmiablo I remember being so hyped for it pre-release because it was from freaking Visceral, but because of the middling reviews I never picked it up. Gotta hope for an unlikely remaster now.

  • @axel your best bet is just buying a used copy. You have an Xbox One or series x? It will work fine on those. If you have à ps3, then you can get a used copy of that too. Otherwise you're just going to have to play on PC. A used or new copy won't run you high on Amazon.

  • @el-shmiablo

    Despite middling reviews, the game sold good. I was never interested in a game, because I already had Bayonetta on me and out of all the heaven and hell themed brawlers, it's still the best for me. Nothing against Dante's Inferno nor Darksiders, but I couldn't get invested in them. More so the latter.

  • Banned

    @brawlman There is no PC version.
    However, if you don't mind wearing an eye patch, it runs pretty well on RPCS3.

  • @el-shmiablo

    You are right. I completely forgot about that. I must have got it mixed up with Lords of Shadow.

  • Speaking of Lords of Shadow, I effin' love Lords of Shadow. DIdn't hate the sequel either, although I seem to be in the minority on that one.

  • Banned

    @brawlman Ye Lords of Shadow is on PC. Also another poorly reviewed game I enjoyed. Felt more like earlier Castlevanias than newer Metroidvanias.
    Never played the sequel because I heard it was garbage even compared to the first.

  • @el-shmiablo

    It's another case of critical dissonance. The first game at least sold fine. The second game didn't sell as well, but you still got many defenders of the game. A lot of people just hate the forced and unnecessary stealth.