Any pets amongst the allies?

  • So I was watching the latest Cup of Jones, and I realized, I've never seen Norbert before. So it had me thinking, I wonder what other kinds of pets are around here. I personally don't have any pets of my own, but I do get to watch my best friends" while he is out of town every so often.

    Not entirely sure if the pics will work, but awesome if they do!

    Sophie, a loveable oaf of a black lab/ German Shepherd. He got her when we were roommates, about 4 years ago so she thinks I'm pretty awesome!
    alt text

    Lancelot, a rambunctious orange tabby kitten of just under a year old.
    alt text

    I personally would love a husky, or some other wolfesque dog. Preferably some white in the coat, and with a Northern themed name, such as Snow, or Aurora. Maybe someday once I get out of an apartment lol.

    Also, while I'm at it, shout out to Jones' Sophie for being quiet 99% of the time we see her.

  • It's sad but I had a poodle terrier mix named Ange. She died this June but was getting on in years. Really good dog, very fickle.

    In the past I had 2 Guinea pigs, Reese and Hershey.

  • @michemagius Sorry to hear about her passing. Always a little tough.

  • I've got a tiny dog named Paco.....but I have no idea how to post pictures

  • @RockDoctor mine, I have them posted elsewhere. Right clicked the pic, and hit copy image Url. Then plugged it into the image tag

  • My girlfirend moved in, which meant her cat moved in too. To be truthful, i HATED cats up to that point, fashioned myself some sort of dog guy (despite being allergic to both). but holy moly I've fallen in love with this one. Meet waffles, who seems to be in charge of stopping me from working at all opportunities possible

    alt text

  • alt text

    Fortunately I still have this pic uploaded. Here are my family's 5 dogs.

    4 girls, 1 boy in the center with the blue collar. He's the most recent addition and is a rescue dog. Some day I'll like to own a cat again when I move out. Along with one dog of my own.

  • Sadly both of my pets passed away recently.

    alt text

    This is Bonnie Boy. He was the coolest cat. He was always relaxed and loving.

    alt text

    This is Bella. I basically grew up with her. It hurt really bad when I lost her. Still not over it. She was an incredible dog. She was so friendly and just having her near you was calming.

  • My Sadie Bear.

    alt text

    @Light I've been there man. Stay strong. :( And pray you never fully get over it. (get over it enough for the pain to subside, but not to the point where you forget them; just to clarify)

  • Just my three legged cat right now. Sadly had to put my dog down a few months ago, he was a big doofus who was excited to see anyone.
    (Post pics later when I can snag them)

  • Fiva cats

    alt text

    This spoiled little guy is called Sulphur and he loves belly rubs

  • alt text

    My wee little Koshi.

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    I've heard disturbing rumors that the @TheHashtag0nist is in fact a cat, though no solid proof if he's someone's pet

  • Midnight Kitty. Very sad I won't be able to take him to university with me at first. :( Hopefully, when I get on my feet, he can stay with me.

    alt text

  • @Ochi I'm not saying i'm not

  • No space for cats in little London flats.

    alt text