Best films of 2021

  • What are some of the best films you've seen that have released in 2021 so far? I highly recommend The Mitchells vs. The Machines and Pixar's latest LUCA. Both of them are animations and both are really really good-especially Mitchells vs. The Machines as it's on Netflix and has buckets of charm and is very amusing.

  • Cheating a bit here but it wasn't available in my country until 2021 but Promising Young Women is fucking fantastic . This is a very timely relevant movie for the world we live in today.A very important movie everyone should watch it. Carey Mulligan is probably my favourite actor a masterful performance.

  • Right now, I have Pig, Strawberry Mansion, Potato Dreams of America as my top 3.

    I liked but didn't love Mitchells vs the Machines, and Promising Young Woman was really good, but it was a 2020 release here. :p

  • @tokyoslim For a second I thought Morey from Morey's Wigs was on the cover of Potato Dreams of America. Remember that Morey's wigs never come of....sorry Morey is a character from Goodfellas.

  • @paulmci27 Are you British?

  • I've watched Concrete Cowboy. Not an amazing movie but definitely worth to watch.

  • @jdincinerator That's the single the most insulting question I've ever been asked. All joking aside I'm Irish from the occupied 6 counties.

  • @paulmci27 Wow I thought you were serious there for a second. Okey dokey.

  • I feel as though Dinner In America is my film of the year so far-here's a trailer:
    Youtube Video

  • 1-Spider-Man: No Way Home(After Endgame, one of the most precious experiences ever!)
    2-A Quiet Place Part II(I was thinking like ''Was it necessary?'' before seeing it but boy was I wrong! One of the best sequels for a series; The Last of Us vibes after the first act can't be unseen)
    3-Last Night in Soho(I don't think Edgar Wright is a genius like most of film lovers say but this one was really good both with thriller elements and horror bits. Anya Taylor Joy was beatiful and Matt Smith was incredible, he should be nominated for Supporting)

  • @tokyoslim

    I haven't watched nearly as many 2021 movies that I'd like to but my favourite of 2021 (so far) was Red Rocket. Man, that was such a good time. Every character had a larger than life personality. It reminded me of Mike Clattenberg's work on the Trailer Park Boys TV show from 2001-2007 (pre-Netflix before they rebooted it with random shitty directors) or his work on Black Jesus where most of the scenes take place outside in a sunny location that oozes personality and with loud characters all passing time in subtle and funny ways.

    And Simon Rex's character was just so fun to hate. You want to love him but he's just deplorable in almost every single way. I still haven't decided if he learned a lesson by the end of the film or not.

  • @DIPSET Yeah, Sean Baker really is becoming one of my favorite American writer/directors.

  • @TokyoSlim I checked out Pig. Personally, I liked it and it's sort of uplifting spirit. How the protagonist could've acted like a maniac so many times over and over again, but chose to compromise. I like the subtext about individuals in society selling themselves short, our communal delusions, and our overall lack of humanity towards one another. I also think some scenes are executed a lot better than others. My girlfriend just didn't like it unfortunately. She couldn't take it very seriously with the underground betting and that secret society element. She felt like it undermined the whole thing.

    Definitely not my favourite of the year but I really liked it.

    Which from your own list would you recommend I check out next (seen: Red Rocket, The Green Knight, Pig).

    Thanks man!

  • @dipset said in Best films of 2021:

    She couldn't take it very seriously with the underground betting and that secret society element.

    I think that's what I liked most about the film. I am pretty much the only person who I know that's talked about the world building in Pig being kinda insane, and nobody really noticing, because everybody is waiting/watching for it to come from Cage, who actually GROUNDS the films with an understated, but no less satisfying performance. Also, there's a lot of sardonic winks and nods to the prestige restaurateurs up here that I appreciate. I can only imagine some of my favorite local chefs engaging in underground street fights in their down time and it makes me laugh. unironic chef's kiss

    Maybe check out Last Night in Soho. I went in more or less blind on that, and Edgar Wright kind of surprised me. I enjoyed it way more than I thought I would. Riders of Justice is also a very good movie that's not necessarily what you expect.

  • also, obviously I recommend Mad God to anybody of discerning taste, but it's hard to find more than the first 3 parts online right now, so just wait until the full official release. :)

  • Thanks for all of your recommendation. I will watch all in my vacation