Best Games You Can Only Play on Xbox 360/PS3

  • Despite all the additions in Xbox One's backwards compatibility program and the remasters of PS3/360 games for newer generations-a bunch of games have been left out and I want to know some of your favourites that aren't playable on newer hardware. I've purchased SKATE 2 because for some weird reason only SKATE 1 and SKATE 3 are backwards compatible. I bought Max Payne 3 last year also and that's another game that should be made available through backwards compatibility.

  • A lot of PS3 exclusives come to mind. The Motorstorm games, 3D Dot Game Heroes, inFamous 1 & 2, Metal Gear Solid 4, and so on.

    I really hope Sony tries something to step up against Xbox's BC efforts. Like, it would be so fucking cool if stuff like MGS4 is playable on PS5. Alas, that's a pipe dream at this point.

  • Games that depend on licenses such as music and cars typically aren't in the Xbox BC program. Regarding 360 games, that includes Tony Hawk's American Wasteland, Tony Hawk's Project 8, Project Gotham Racing 3, and Project Gotham Racing 4.

  • my bad. there's isn't much old stuff you can't play on the xbox series x

  • Ahh geeze the Resistance games would be great if they were on PS5.