Switch Gems

  • The Nintendo Switch has some real gems hidden away inside the Eshop and I want to know which Eshop games you have enjoyed. Road 96 has just come out and it's really cool, I love the fact it's a narrative adventure you can only play on Switch (as well as PC but that's not a console). West of Loathing is one that has been highly touted as has Fast RMX, Horace, Splasher and Golf Story. What are your thoughts if you've played any of these?

  • Into the Breach and SteamWorld Quest.

  • It's only a port but I think that the game never really got the recognition that it deserved, so I'm gonna shoutout Call of Juarez: Gunslingers once again. Also, Mike Bithell's Subsurface Circular is a fantastic short narrative game.

  • As OP stated Golf Story. One of the early Switch game but its still a cracker. Great funny writing and the golf's great aswell, doent out stay it's welcome. Looking forward to the devs next game

    Grandia is also worth picking up to have in the collection for that classic JRPG hit.

    Virtua Racing. This one might be a bit too antiquated for some tastes. I have a lot of nostalgia for it though. M2 have done an excellent job porting it to a morden(ish) console.

    Mishihimesama- One of CAVES finest with plenty of difficultly option's a great way to get into the dreaded bullet hell. DoDonpachi is another CAVE shooter worth checking out also.

  • Toree 3D is the bomb
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  • I love Fast RMX. RMX is still my favorite racing game.

  • @brawlman it definitely scratches the cyber-racer itch, and I like precision and memory based arcade racers too! There's a subtle tactic to each course that you have to learn and little refinements that you can recognize to improve. I'm echoing Peer Schneider, but I'd like Nintendo or Amusement Vision to take them into the fold for F-Zero .