Zero Escape: An Easy Allies Interactive Experience

  • Hey guys! My name is Rick, commonly known as Rickemrobo around these parts. During the last Q&A Session I submitted a question about a hypothetical Killing Game among the Allies due to my obession with games with this set up such as Danganronpa and Zero Escape. It received a reaction that I quite enjoyed from the guys! However, I was not quite satisfied as I am kind of a sick, writer type. For fun I decided to write this scenario into a script.

    Not sure how long it will last but I am determined to see it to its end. But I'm not alone in this endeavor, as part of what makes these games fun is the element of choice. Each chapter of this story will end with a choice that is up to YOU to help decide hot the story progresses. Who lives? Who doesn't? It's in your hands. Hope y'all enjoy this first chapter and if any of the Allies are uncomfortable with this idea, please know that I won't get too out of control and it is all in good fun. Hope you all enjoy!

    Zero Escape: Evade Zenith's Arrival


    A morose atmosphere dominates the black void wherein we find two young men rising from their slumber. BRAD, 28, slender and handsome with a wave of dirty blonde hair sweeping around one side of his face rises to his feet. He gains is bearings and pauses in place.

    Wha-- What is this? Where...

    A figure catches the corner of his eye. He turns to find a body of the other male trying to gain his footing, struggling. He rushes to find IAN, 31, bespectacled, small in frame, and with a similar hairstyle to Brad’s, albeit more wavy.

    Ian! Are you cool to stand, dude?

    Working on it.

    Ian stands up straight, wiping the sleep out of his eyes. As his consciousness catches up to his body he takes note of his surroundings.

    IAN (CONT’D)
    Aw shit, not again!

    Again? Ian, do you know where we are?

    Yeah, stupid fucking Killing Game again. Cost my Elyse last time.
    Suddenly a deep, static-filled voice BOOMS through the darkness.

    ZERO (V.O.)
    Welcome. I am Zero. You are probably wondering where you are.

    Ugh, they always start out with the same dumb monologue!

    ZERO (V.O.)
    You are in a facility far away from any form of civilization to particiate in a little experiment I like to call THE SYNERGY GAME.

    Ooh that’s a cool name, though!
    Brad side-eyes Ian in bewilderment.

    ZERO (V.O.)
    You have been paired up in twos with your fellow co-workers, or as you like to call, ALLIES. However, we are going to discover if “Ally” is an appropriate title. In a moment, you will each be released into the foyer, where all eight of you must decide on your next course of action. Proceed onward for your next set of instructions.

    Light bleeds into the dark room as the doorway slides open. Ian and Brad look at each other pensively.

    A gorgeous wooden stair climbs to halway up and splits into two sides of a second floor where several familiar faces reveal themselves. From the left side come BEN, 26, sweet and calm with a boyish look about him and a surprising six-foot height, and his partner KYLE, 30, thin and hairy like an otter, clad in a blue hoodie and red Nike’s.

    From the other side of the stairs we find BLOOD, Unknown Age, long, very thin with long brown hair falling past his shoulders, and DAMIANI, Unknown Age, short black hair wearing a Triforce T-Shirt with a button-up shirt over it. Both men show relatively little emotion to tell how they are feeling at this moment.

    Ben! Kyle! Damiani! We’re down here! Blood, have you seen Huber?

    Blood shakes his head.
    A loud voice thunders from the direction opposite Brad.

    This is so hype, Jones! The vibe of this place is straight up 80s slasher flick!
    HUBER, 29, blonde, excitable and intense. He grips his partner’s shoulder with a firm grip as he talks. JONES, 36, classically handsome, great hair, and an affinity for white socks walks with authority, abosrbing every detain of his surroundings as he joins the group.

    The voice returns on the intercom just as the group gathers for the first time.

    ZERO (V.O.)
    Now that you have all gathered together, it is time for the game to begin in earnest. The eight of you will be spending the rest of your lives living within this facility. You will be, in essence, playing house. There is a kitchen that will be regularly stocked with food, bathrooms, a game room, and so on. It will require the eight of you to keep this place running so that you may have a wonderful lifetime with your friends.

    That doesn’t sound too bad!

    ZERO (V.O.)
    There will not, however be any new deliveries of new entertainment, so what you have is what you have. And no internet connection will be provided.

    Ben’s clutches his heart.

    But...Persona 5! XV! Is this some sick fucking joke?!

    I’ll never get to play XIV again.

    We’ll never know what the NX is...

    Ben’s eyes widen painfully. Tears roll down his cheeks in thick streams.


    Brad kneels beside his buddy, picks him up by the armpits and drags him over to a bench, lying him down. Ben takes the fetal position and continues to wallow in self pity.

    ZERO (V.O.)
    There is one way to get out of here, however. You were split into pairs before this game began, and your destinies are intertwined as long as you remain here. Should you are your partner eliminate every other team in the game, you will receive a password. Receive all three passwords and you will be allowed to escape from the facility and continue your lives however you like.
    Jones catches wind of a giant metal door in the back of the room with three triangles painted on it in gold.

    ZERO (V.O.)
    But beware. This isn’t necessarily a fair game. On their way to this room, some of your fellow “Allies” may have had access to

    Kyle grips a small scalpel in his hand, hidden behind his back. His eyes bounce between two possible targets, both of whom are distracted.

    Who to choose. The easier choice, Brad, distracted with comforting poor Ben, or the strong and confident Jones, deep in thought, running scenarios through his head.


    (Choose their fate with the link below)

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  • This is morbidly hilarious. Any chance they all make it out alive?

    Also... someone just finished Zero Time Dilemma lol.

  • EZA murder fan fiction. HOT DAMN.

  • This is really cool. Maybe mark dialogue with "these" guys, or write it sideways, so it will be more clear.

    As for the decision, I think Kyle would assess the situation and make up some master plan to survive. Whether it would work or not remains to be seen.