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    @sheria The argument exists because the argument exists. Whether I bring it up or not is inconsequential. The people who pretend I'm trolling and seem to have a personal vendetta against me can easily take their own advice and ignore it.

    I don't think I've ever said I expect a big budget stunner. I do, however, think the games should at least look like they belong in the same generation they are released in, and not two or three behind.

    Initially that was indeed fair criticism but I'm sorry, to continuously bring up a played out argument where, as you so rightfully pointed out, you know exactly what the others will say, that moves it away from fair criticism to just baiting for the sake of it. Considering there's nowhere else for the debate to actually go, I'm not overly surprised people are starting to question your motives. That's my final take on it anyway.

  • @sheria personnally what i find more funny is that everyone here kept having a go at me when i would argue with him.

    now they're all doing the exact same thing they all got sh***y at me for doing. hypocrisy at it's finest

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    @yoshi I mean, other than some outbursts and accusations from Mbun I don't see anybody being overly aggressive or disingenuous with their stance.

    As for why people might not be getting the same amount of flack as you have before, I think it might be because, generally your posts come off as that of a petulant child. You are highly argumentative, have almost zero empathy for others, see things as black and white, refuse to see logic when it is clearly laid out in front of you, and are generally just super annoying.

    I'm sure some people here could say the same about me, but I have a sneaking suspicion that there are a lot more members of this forum that think it about you.

    That you haven't been able to learn to participate in the forums in a normal manner is honestly highly concerning and, where I once took great joy from rustling your jimmies, I now just feel really bad for you. Not too bad though, considering you have pulled some straight up sociopathic shit and stalked me and my family on social media.

    So yeah. That might be why.

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    Not too bad though, considering you have pulled some straight up sociopathic shit and stalked me and my family on social media.

    1. not really stalking if i directly tell you that i found your FB page and it's hardly my fault if you decide to leave your facebook profile status open for the entire public to see instead of setting it to private.

    2. you can keep crying in numerous threads about an event that happened literally years ago on before Easyallies even came into existence if you like but i'm just going to continue ignoring you now.

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    @yoshi 1. You then leaving comments on my social media, peppered in your posts and IMs to me about my family is stalking. I teach kids for a living, so I don't really have time to teach one still stuck in an extended adolescence that choosing to be a creep and stalk somebody on their social media accounts is something they choose to do.

    1. You don't get to walk back on being a fucking creep, dude. I know personally responsibility and accountability for your actions are foreign concepts for you, but goddamn. Nobody had a gun to your head saying "Make comments about his wife and troll his comments".

    Please, for the love of fuck, grow up

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    Since this thread is supposed to be about Pokemon, Vince Staples just dropped a banger for Pokemon's 25th.

    Youtube Video

  • @el-shmiablo

    Brings me back to the good ol 90s when movie soundtracks went Platinum with songs and artists that have quite literally nothing to do with the movie in any way whatsoever, but I couldn't care less.

    Youtube Video

    I also remember Puffy did a "Kashmir" remix ft Jimmy Page and the video was just Puffy running around NYC in his leather suit comped into Godzilla scenes. There was also a Green Day "Brain Stew" remix with Godzilla shrieks thrown in for good measure.

    We need more of this in 2021 lol

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    @dipset I mean bro my classroom playlist is literally just rap songs I grabbed off of albums from recent kids movies.

    Spiderverse soundtrack is a godsend.

  • @el-shmiablo

    I think the Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack did big numbers too. I guess it feels different for me nowadays cause of streaming. I remember literally everyone back in the day had the Godzilla, Pokemon, Armageddon, The Bodyguard, Batman Forever soundtracks all in a CD sleeve tucked away in the glove box of their car.

    The cheese factor is what I loved most about that era. A big budget video with random clips from the movie that have absolutely nothing to do with the song itself. Purely unignorable big business money moves, but I ate that shit up.

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    @dipset In all honesty if Vince Staples told me he was a Pokemon fan and Lil Yachty told me he was a Sonic fan I wouldn't not believe them.

  • @dipset
    Had all of those, plus Blues Brothers.

  • @mbun XD

  • Original Pokemon Snap coming to NSO + Expansion Service Soon™
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  • I like to discuss this here pokemon. Here I have to mention the weakest pokemon.

    1. Unown
    2. Aegislash
    3. Luvdisc
    4. Abomasnow
    5. Wobuffet

  • Some of those aren't really that weak, Aegislash especially. Now Sunkern, there's a weak Pokemon... Unown definitely suck for only being able to learn one really hard to make use of Move though. Also, there's Wishiwashi, but that one is actually quite strong when schooled, so how weak it is when it isn't really isn't a big deal. Stats aside, running stuff like Aurorus is a struggle just for all the type weaknesses alone. Ice Type in general needs a full rebalance after Fairy ruined the original niche it had.

  • @Mbun You replied to a bot. But whatever stimulates discussion. ^_^

  • @oscillator Not a very effective bot if they're just spouting random Pokemon.

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    There goes that "It's their first open world game!" excuse.