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    @mbun Oh, I'm aware.
    At this point it has become blatantly obvious that either GameFreak and the Pokemon Company either lack the talent to produce a game of similar quality to it's contemporaries, or simply lack the aspiration to do so because they are fully aware that people will still buy their games on droves regardless of quality, and have those same people defend said lack of quality to the grave.

    So either way, as I said, there goes that excuse.

  • @el-shmiablo Except it still runs like an open world game, so yes that excuse is still there. You really just tried to completely talk around that despite leading with "Oh, I'm aware." So you admit you're just trolling then?

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    @mbun Whatever helps your narrative dude.

  • @mbun said in General Pokemon Thread:

    So you admit you're just trolling then?

    now you're just expecting miracles.

  • You are all so exhausting. It's incessant.

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    At this point I just find it funny. Dudes are so delusional that they think I have sock accounts on the forums.

    Spoilers: I do. I've been Yoshi this whole time.

  • @el-shmiablo said in General Pokemon Thread:

    Spoilers: I do. I've been Yoshi this whole time.

    Why do you hate me so much?

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    @yoshi Could be your generally toxic and abrasive attitude.
    Or the fact that you do nothing but shitpost 99% of the time.
    Or that whole thing where you stalked me and my family on social media.


    But I'm sure you'll tell yourself it has something to do with me not liking Nintendo or something equally as idiotic.

    But hey, on the topic of Pokemon!
    Youtube Video

    Looks like somebody made Pokemon Legends Arceus all by themselves, and it really doesn't look all that far off from the actual game!

  • @el-shmiablo They used preexisting models and stuff. So THEY didn't actually make the majority of what you're seeing. It is more of an asset flip situation.

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    I know, right? Crazy how one dude took some premade assets and made a game that looks not all that far from the actual game being made by a multi billion dollar company with thousands of employees.

  • @el-shmiablo Crazy how someone can take all the work done already by a developer working under multi billion dollar company and form it sort of, kind of, not really at all the same thing, because the game isn't even out yet, so you have no fucking clue what it actually is you think this is apparently so close to. If you looked more into this, like I already did weeks ago, you'd see that anything that's actually added by this project team is embarrassing looking. You think Pokemon's effects are bad now? You should see the original "assets" this project has actually made.

    Honestly though, it is pretty cringe you're applauding an asset flip right now, doubly so one using assets from the very people you're trying to deface by applauding it. We get it, you hopped the GameFreak harassment bandwagon and want to troll people who enjoy the games now. Don't kid yourself in thinking any of this is valid criticism or meaningful discussion. You're just another bad faith troll baiting arguments and then getting upset when people dare clap back.

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    @mbun Hoo boy, want to throw out a few more logical fallacies my man? I didn't quit get enough from just that post. COME ON, GASLIGHT ME SOME MORE, BABY!

    But hey, whatever helps you cope with Arceus looking like a fan game my dude.

  • @el-shmiablo No, people are sick of this exact behavior. I feel like I've given you so many chances personally to stop being like this, but clearly I just need to step back and let the mods handle it now. The topic derails are tiring. The back and forths between you and Yoshi are tiring. You've been banned multiple times and learned nothing. This attitude and behavior is ruining this place for people, but you don't seem to care. That's straight up hurting Easy Allies at this point. I'm always one to think practicing self moderation can handle lots of problems more naturally, but it has been years man. Years. You've only gotten worse. I'm giving up on you, and you don't have the right to blame me or hold it against me after everything.

    Respond if you'd like, but I'm personally done. Goodbye.

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    I'm having trouble comprehending the levels of hypocrisy in that post, but sure, sounds good to me.

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    They're Normal / Ghost Type.

  • Most of this Evolutions series has been pretty bad, but this episode is outstanding.
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