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  • @el-shmiablo They used preexisting models and stuff. So THEY didn't actually make the majority of what you're seeing. It is more of an asset flip situation.

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    I know, right? Crazy how one dude took some premade assets and made a game that looks not all that far from the actual game being made by a multi billion dollar company with thousands of employees.

  • @el-shmiablo Crazy how someone can take all the work done already by a developer working under multi billion dollar company and form it sort of, kind of, not really at all the same thing, because the game isn't even out yet, so you have no fucking clue what it actually is you think this is apparently so close to. If you looked more into this, like I already did weeks ago, you'd see that anything that's actually added by this project team is embarrassing looking. You think Pokemon's effects are bad now? You should see the original "assets" this project has actually made.

    Honestly though, it is pretty cringe you're applauding an asset flip right now, doubly so one using assets from the very people you're trying to deface by applauding it. We get it, you hopped the GameFreak harassment bandwagon and want to troll people who enjoy the games now. Don't kid yourself in thinking any of this is valid criticism or meaningful discussion. You're just another bad faith troll baiting arguments and then getting upset when people dare clap back.

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    @mbun Hoo boy, want to throw out a few more logical fallacies my man? I didn't quit get enough from just that post. COME ON, GASLIGHT ME SOME MORE, BABY!

    But hey, whatever helps you cope with Arceus looking like a fan game my dude.

  • @el-shmiablo No, people are sick of this exact behavior. I feel like I've given you so many chances personally to stop being like this, but clearly I just need to step back and let the mods handle it now. The topic derails are tiring. The back and forths between you and Yoshi are tiring. You've been banned multiple times and learned nothing. This attitude and behavior is ruining this place for people, but you don't seem to care. That's straight up hurting Easy Allies at this point. I'm always one to think practicing self moderation can handle lots of problems more naturally, but it has been years man. Years. You've only gotten worse. I'm giving up on you, and you don't have the right to blame me or hold it against me after everything.

    Respond if you'd like, but I'm personally done. Goodbye.

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    I'm having trouble comprehending the levels of hypocrisy in that post, but sure, sounds good to me.

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    They're Normal / Ghost Type.

  • Most of this Evolutions series has been pretty bad, but this episode is outstanding.
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  • I know some people are still confused what this game even is, so here's a primer:
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  • k so here's my impression's of Pokemon legends so far.

    i'm still not very far into the game but i think i've now played enough to get a good enough understanding of what the game plays like.
    after getting through all the boring lame ass fluff at the beginning, i think Pokemon Legends is definitely the best Pokemon has been in about 20 years now.

    the RPG's are ok but the gameplay and story got stale a long time ago and Pokemon was never hard in the first place but they insist on making the RPG's increasingly more handholdy with every single RPG Pokemon they do. i get that "it's just a kids game" but i've always asked, what about us older kids who actually grew up with Red & Blue? are they ever going to make something new for us instead of the same old 8 gym leaders, elite four, end that they've been doing forever now?

    i think that's what most older peoples issues with mainline Pokemon series really has been. it's certainly been mine.

    but i'm happy to say that i think Pokemon legends is the change up that Pokemon needed. what most of us older fans, who lost interest in the series, have been looking for and will get people re-interested in the franchise.

    i like how similar this game feels to the mainline pokemon games while being very different to the mainline games at the same time. it has a dumb ass story about a kid that "just fell out of sky", but as long as you ignore that and just play through the game enjoying catching mon's it's probably the best Pokemon game ever since gen 2 or 3 in the early 2000's

    anyway that's just my thoughts on the game so far and i'm not far in but i'm looking forward to seeing what the rest of the game has to offer and hope they continue innovating in this Legends style of game in the future


  • Junichi Masuda announced ahead of this Pokemon trailer that he's leaving GameFreak to become "the Miyamoto" of The Pokemon Company