Strange Unbelievable Moments

  • I've been playing Skate via Xbox One backwards compatibility for about a week and I've managed to best every challenge until I reached the P-Rod Hubba gap challenge where you have to do a 360 Nollie flip and then grind. I've been on that challenge for hours, must've spent over three hours trying to beat it and still could not. Then I ask my older brother to try and complete the challenge for me. He hasn't played a skateboarding game in years and has never played Skate before, but after 15 or so minutes of getting acclimated he actually beat the challenge. Frankly I am dumbfounded and totally shocked. Anything similar happen to you in any game you've played that has left you stunned in amazement?

  • I remember having my jaws on the floor when I saw Call of Duty World at War's Nacht der Untoten for the first time. Like, I was just checking out the chapter select menu after finishing the game. It had that creepy intro cutscene showing a zombie running at you, and then it just drops you to a small, scary space, filled with mechanics and stuff unseen in the campaign. Its such a cool bonus mode.

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    Dude, the learning curve in Skate 1 was one of the most magical gaming experiences of my life. I vividly remember that hubba challenge and it was tough back when I was learning the ropes. I recently replayed Skate 1 and my muscle memory was in-tact. Fuck it's such a classic.


    I can't think of anything right now but I remember going to this massive grocery store near my apartment that also happens to have a built-in arcade for some reason and these two dudes were absolutely tearing up DDR.

    The had foldable chairs, were in athletic gear, and brought towels to wipe the sweat off their faces. When they played, they'd lean backwards onto the safety bar and just lit shit up with their legs. It's one thing to see it online, but it's another to see it in person.

    This group of guys were taking shifts like it was hockey. Go hard for 60 sec then change with the next guy. It was bonkers. Especially since it's a grocery store first and foremost. What a scene.

  • I'm not sure if anyone else ever experienced it but FF12 on PS2 had a glitch that to my knowledge no one else has recorded, said glitch being a weird max XP and LP bug that was roughly halfway thru the game I suddenly encountered enemies who were giving out 9999XP and 9999LP per kill. Was odd as hell and made the game a breeze. Tried doing it again on a earlier save but I couldn't figure out what the hell i did to make it happen.

  • I was reminded of this video I recorded 9 years ago, about a very weird glitch I found while playing Uncharted 3 multiplayer. Basically I ended up being invisible to every else for a couple minutes, which I only realized after it happened. Please excuse the video quality, lol.

    Youtube Video

  • When i played the Wii for the first time ever i was completely amazed by the Twilight Princess demo motion controls

  • Been thinking about this alot. There's probably alot of very different answers I could land on for this broad concept, but what I've settled on for now was the first time I was playing a video game and something went wrong, and the character I was controlling just fell through the floor. I was just falling with no chance of recovery as I panned my camera around checking out the bottomless void I was falling into while the entire geometry of the level I was progressing through above me slowly became more of a cohesive structure revealing a world of exactly what was modeled to exist and where it all ends.

    After you've experienced it once, the way you feel about it completely changes, but that first time.