Saints Row Reboot

  • The Saints Row reboot teaser trailer has just released and it looks really awful in my opinion. I get the feeling it's going to be an eye-rolling attempt to try and replicate the success of Fortnite or otherwise following in the footsteps of other big-name and money-grubbing franchises. I really want to be wrong about it but looking at how it's presented it looks terrible.

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    Not sure where the Fortnite comparison comes on, but I didn't think it looked that had.
    After your character became the president and fought off an alien invasion, where were they supposed to go with the games?

  • @el-shmiablo I saw a poster I just thought Fortnite. Yes my reactions are overblown but I don't like how it looks at present-maybe gameplay and new ideas will warm me up to it. As for where the series could've gone, I think a 5th game could've dealt with the Saints losing all their powers and facing a new more dominating threat.

  • I think the zaniness is the closest comparison I can find to Fortnite but I feel like so many damn games nowadays have that intentionally zany vibe with extremely vague and inoffensive characters (Watchdogs Legion, Fortnite, Destruction All Stars, Riders Republic, list goes on). And I'm kinda tired of all of media just having these stories about really plain inoffensive lameass characters. The Saints Row reveal trailer had a woman wearing running shoes and yoga pants and some other kid has 90s cartoon nerd glasses and the motorcycle guy has some Hello Kitty ass glowing helmet. Ugh.

    Personally, I didn't love the vibe. I think this speaks to a greater societal thing I've noticed where in the early to mid-2000s, there was just a massive movement in hip hop and greater culture where black artists, actors, musicians, etc were ON TOP. Not just big within their communities but like suburban white kids from Canada were into real street rap. This was an era where the Crunk scene got so big that it directly influenced the sounds of every major pop act from Gwen Stefani to Usher. Dudes from the hood like T.I had #1 records that sold 1M copies in a week. There was this overall domination within the arts of these acts.

    And that is where Saints Row kinda came from in 2008. The Saints were a street gang and despite how crazy the game is in its entire being, there was still that grounded feeling of it being a game about a street gang. A street gang invented by a bunch of presumably white male video game developers, but it was still a story rooted in that lifestyle. It really did have this connecting tissue of the overall dominance of hip hop culture of that time.

    Nowadays its completely socially unacceptable to glorify hood shit (or even act like it exists). Even dudes like 21 Savage or Kodak Black can still have mainstream success, it feel so much more niche than it once did. Anytime there are legitimately black/hood artists or characters in both real life and fiction; they are always deemed "problematic" in one way or another. And I resent that a bit. Media nowadays acts like poor people, people from the hood, and even those quote-un-quote "problematic" people don't actually exist. All we seem to be left with are these archetypical "nerds" or average joes.

    I think right now we're in this vague era of non-specific characters who are all kinda average and well meaning or "good" in one way or another. The Bride in Kill Bill (2003) legitimately loves to murder people (she admits as much at the end); whereas John Wick (2014) is a good guy who kills. Nothing has an edge anymore. I'm almost ready for the overdone anti-hero era of media to return cause I am definitely getting tired of the same lameasses in every game.

    This overblown mostly off-topic somewhat off the cuff diatribe isn't directly pointed at the Saints reboot, but the Saints reboot kinda just brought it out of me.

  • I'm only judging from the stuff they shown in ONL, and I think it looks very fun. It feels like they're taking the best aspects of the different Saints Row eras and mixing it into one colorful package. The tone for me is just right, it seems like a good balance between the groundedness of SR1-2 but also the "we're just having fun" vibe of SR3 and beyond. I never really liked the aesthetic of the first 2 SR games, so I'm happy to inject that grounded gang wars theme with the excitableness of the sequels. I'm quite excited for this personally, mostly because of how vibrant the open world is, although it's releasing at a very busy month.

  • I don't quite see Fortnite in it, but the Watch Dogs comparisons feel spot on to me. That said, I've never played a Watch Dogs game, so it could be nothing like that. It feels like Watch Dogs though, which isn't the same vibes the franchise had before. The characters you're playing as don't feel like a gang. They feel like a bunch of hipsters or "nerds". In that trailer we saw I'd rather be controlling the antagonists of the trailer. I get that the franchise wasn't selling how it needed to and they needed to reboot it radically, but it felt like it lost what made it special in the process and just became another generic Ubisoft game.

    Also, I figure the digital light up helmet with the pink and the cat ears was supposed to be a modernization of the popular side character Professor Genki from the old games, but it just is lacking the same personality and originality of that character. They went too generic instead of creating a wacky new design that's interesting and something fans could instantly recognize as being from the franchise. That helmet in the trailer could be from anything. It makes me worry about the game having interesting ideas.

    But it is still Saints Row... I have a level of trust for the developers to where I'm still willing to sit on this initial disappointment and see what they show of it next. Could've just been a bad showing, and the full game could end up just as good as the old ones. Those nerds and hipsters by the end of the game could get real toughened up and grow into cool new characters, and it could be even better with us playing through that growth. We just won't know until the game is out, but for a first showing that's really not what they needed to present, and I'm kind of afraid they just alienated the majority of their fanbase and spat on the legacy.

  • I suppose part of my worry regarding the Saints Row reboot stems from the last reboot I really looked forward to and ended up being underwhelming and disappointing-the GRID reboot. CodeMasters did do a neat job with several aspects of the GRID reboot like having A.Is tumble out of control organically and it looked pretty good, but it didn't feel like the adrenaline-fueled and exciting original. I'm worried that Volition have rebooted Saints Row in a fashion that may have compromised the greatness of the original, but indeed we haven't seen any gameplay so this skepticism is to be holstered until that gameplay shows up.

  • @jdincinerator Well we saw gameplay, but it was like 5 seconds, and most of the shots were talking to NPCs during story moments... Please never release trailers like this devs. Show me a chunk of how it actually plays if you're calling it a gameplay trailer.

  • @mbun Didn't Ubisoft pull the same BS with Valhalla calling their reveal trailer a gameplay trailer?

  • @jdincinerator Didn't follow it closely enough to know, but it wouldn't surprise me.

    @Shoulderguy I'm very, very glad you posted that, because that fixed almost all my problems with the showing we got before. Right back on that hype train! Character creator NOT scrapped! Gameplay looks very true to Saints Row of the past. Going to miss the verticality of the cityscape some, but this new locale will be fresh and colorful. Still not sold on most your crew, but they've got a whole game to have them grow on me. Rival gangs looked fun to take down, except the Watch Dogs one, which if you've played Saints Row games before explains some things. They teased a possible motivation for the characters of this one, which while funny, I kind of hope isn't the full thing, because I'd still rather see closer to the kind of people who end up in actual gangs get some representation instead of some spoiled hipsters.

  • There seems to be quite the backlash on Twitter with regards to the Saints Row Fortnite comparisons:

  • @jdincinerator I personally don't see it, but if a bunch of people are saying it then there must be something to it?

  • Actually really excited about this. The video Shoulderguy posted above worked well to increase the hype. The open-world looks like a fun place to drive around and I dig the whole southwestern style of the milieu. The action itself looks familiar in a good way.
    It's only a shame the game will be released only a week after HFW, which I clearly won't have yet beaten by then.

  • @mbun Not necessarily of course but some sense it and others don't. I've seen the latest trailer and seen some shots and I'm more convinced by it.

  • @jdincinerator I wonder if this is one of those situations like new Persona fans discovering SMT for the first time and being like "wow, this is such a Persona ripoff". Maybe that's what's going on?

  • @mbun said in Saints Row Reboot:

    @jdincinerator I personally don't see it, but if a bunch of people are saying it then there must be something to it?

    I can see the Fortnite elements in terms of the style and character design. Compared to most of the past games that had a GTA took to them, but still had their own style. I know trends and design philosophies changes over time, but it's clear playing follow the leader. Only in a different direction this time. I don't hate the new design style, but at the same time, I don't really care for it either. Then again, I lost interests in the series after playing 2. Most open world/GTA games do nothing for me, and the genre really got over saturated the last decade. Ubisoft being the most guilty culprit of this.

  • I don't even know how Volition can deny the Fortnite comparison. I don't think the games look exactly alike but literally every single publisher when creating a new game uses pre-existing ones as design reference. It's the same in animation, I've heard it 100x by clients: "we're looking for something that looks saturated like Bob's Burgers" or we want something contemporary like Gravity Falls."

    They all do it, and the aesthetic doesn't get to this point without very obviously following market trends.

  • I may be getting to the grumpy old fart stage in my life, but the cast look like obnoxious gen z cunts.

  • @paulmci27

    Dawg I'm 26 and I agree. I don't wanna play as a 23 year old cross-fit yogi. And some Scooby Doo looking nerd kid.