Saints Row Reboot

  • @jdincinerator Didn't follow it closely enough to know, but it wouldn't surprise me.

    @Shoulderguy I'm very, very glad you posted that, because that fixed almost all my problems with the showing we got before. Right back on that hype train! Character creator NOT scrapped! Gameplay looks very true to Saints Row of the past. Going to miss the verticality of the cityscape some, but this new locale will be fresh and colorful. Still not sold on most your crew, but they've got a whole game to have them grow on me. Rival gangs looked fun to take down, except the Watch Dogs one, which if you've played Saints Row games before explains some things. They teased a possible motivation for the characters of this one, which while funny, I kind of hope isn't the full thing, because I'd still rather see closer to the kind of people who end up in actual gangs get some representation instead of some spoiled hipsters.

  • There seems to be quite the backlash on Twitter with regards to the Saints Row Fortnite comparisons:

  • @jdincinerator I personally don't see it, but if a bunch of people are saying it then there must be something to it?

  • Actually really excited about this. The video Shoulderguy posted above worked well to increase the hype. The open-world looks like a fun place to drive around and I dig the whole southwestern style of the milieu. The action itself looks familiar in a good way.
    It's only a shame the game will be released only a week after HFW, which I clearly won't have yet beaten by then.

  • @mbun Not necessarily of course but some sense it and others don't. I've seen the latest trailer and seen some shots and I'm more convinced by it.

  • @jdincinerator I wonder if this is one of those situations like new Persona fans discovering SMT for the first time and being like "wow, this is such a Persona ripoff". Maybe that's what's going on?

  • @mbun said in Saints Row Reboot:

    @jdincinerator I personally don't see it, but if a bunch of people are saying it then there must be something to it?

    I can see the Fortnite elements in terms of the style and character design. Compared to most of the past games that had a GTA took to them, but still had their own style. I know trends and design philosophies changes over time, but it's clear playing follow the leader. Only in a different direction this time. I don't hate the new design style, but at the same time, I don't really care for it either. Then again, I lost interests in the series after playing 2. Most open world/GTA games do nothing for me, and the genre really got over saturated the last decade. Ubisoft being the most guilty culprit of this.

  • I don't even know how Volition can deny the Fortnite comparison. I don't think the games look exactly alike but literally every single publisher when creating a new game uses pre-existing ones as design reference. It's the same in animation, I've heard it 100x by clients: "we're looking for something that looks saturated like Bob's Burgers" or we want something contemporary like Gravity Falls."

    They all do it, and the aesthetic doesn't get to this point without very obviously following market trends.

  • I may be getting to the grumpy old fart stage in my life, but the cast look like obnoxious gen z cunts.

  • @paulmci27

    Dawg I'm 26 and I agree. I don't wanna play as a 23 year old cross-fit yogi. And some Scooby Doo looking nerd kid.

  • @dipset I actually fear more for my kids future if this is what people will be like more than I did for mine at their age and I grew up in a coutry in the middle of a 30 year of civil war.

  • @paulmci27

    I mean, I just don't like their lameass personalities and look. I really don't have any worries about the kids who actually play the game. They're fine.


    I pulled this quote from a new Kotaku article about the game:

    The most recently released footage introduces these new guys as, “a set of characters you’re going to want to invite into your living room every day.” I don’t want characters I would want to invite into my living room! Another developer says, “This reset let us add heart in a big way, and that’s like the number one thing about this game.” Nooooooo! Another: “They’re one hundred percent relatable.” What is happening?!

    Yup. Again, we are in this normal guy era of media. I wanna say it started with Taken or Paul Blart. It fluctuated off and on throughout the 2010s, and now it's just in. Relatability has helped plenty of characters over the years but I have no desire to relate to every character everyone presents me.

  • @paulmci27

    The Boss: Your Create a Character, so unless you go default, they're not going to look like that at all.

    Nerdy Glasses Guy: Is this The Big Bang Theory? What is this dude doing here?

    Mechanic / Getaway Driver: Great. Feels like a Saints Row character. Might be a Fast & Furious parody. I wish the whole cast was this good.

    Shirtless Dude: Right now he's just the weird shirtless dude who apparently cooks / the guy with the helmet everyone hates.

    That's basically the impression I get right now. The Boss's default hair mixed with nerdy dude mixed with random shirtless guy definitely triggered an averse reaction at first though.

  • More Saints Row gameplay:

    Youtube Video

  • I like the setting, reminds me GTA San Andreas. The Las Ventures / Bone County part.

  • Yeah I'm really vibing with the look of the city. It's definitely a bit exaggerated with the colors and such, but it makes for a beautiful setting. I'm getting steadily more hyped for this, it's just looks like a fun arcade-y crazy game.

  • @bam541 changed your avatar in anticipation of the next vote?

  • @e_zed_eh_intern For some reason I was thinking a lot about P3 since like a few days before the vote thread show up, so it's more like a timely coincidence