Games You'd Pay Others To Play

  • There are certain games that we absolutely love, so much so that we want others to experience them and perhaps wouldn't mind paying them to play them. Here are several games I'd really want to pay others to play because I love them I feel they deserve way more attention.

    1.DRIVER: SAN FRANCISCO- The reason I made this list, a game that has been criminally left out and snubbed from the EZA Community 2011 GOTY discussion and one that truly feels left out in the cold. A weird, wonderful, funny and truly entertaining romp inspired by classic chase movies whilst doing its own whacky thing, Driver: San Francisco is a truly riveting and exciting specimen. I swear if you play this it's a lot of fun, but it does make me curious why people have overlooked this one because damned if I know the reason.

    One of my favourite racing games full stop. Yes it could be devalued as a more true-to-life Mario Kart where you hurl projectiles at other racers, but the vibes and the presentation of this game is super slick. It's emphasis on neon and music with a beat gives off a nightclub and underground aesthetic which is insatiable, but it's addictive as all heck.

    3.NI NO KUNI: WRATH OF THE WHITE WITCH- I keep harping on about my love for the story of Wrath of the White Witch and I can't drag myself away from talking about it. Oliver is such an endearing protagonist, his plight and the courage he amasses to overcome the mighty forces he has to overcome is really inspiring. The soundtrack is some of the best orchestral work I've ever heard. It's a truly majestic JRPG and it's easy to be spirited away by it.

    4.HUNTDOWN- I know EZA and its community are better understood about Huntdown, but for most of the industry at large it seems to have swept by with naught but a hollow squeak. It doesn't embarrass me to say it's my 2020 GOTY because while you might say it's not the best and it's not worthy of the honour, I say it showed more balls than everything I played last year and was entertaining as hell.

    5.DANGANRONPA:TRIGGER HAPPY HAVOC/GOODBYE DESPAIR- I get it, graphic novels are too wordy and yes the Danganronpa games are long and exhaustive. But if you can overcome the lengthiness and text-heaviness, these games have some of the funniest lines, most interesting characters and best soundtracks in games. I love how twisted these games are and the strangeness inherent within is so refreshingly moreish.

    6.A PLAGUE TALE: INNOCENSE- I do get the sense that A Plague Tale has had a lot of exposure, but damn it to heck this game is indicative of the way videogames should be in terms of the narrative told, the fact it's a standalone game with no greaseball triple A bs strung to to it, it's simply a story driven game that is brilliant and we need many more of these sorts of games all over the place.

    7.RAYMAN: LEGENDS- Straight up one of the greatest platformers around. Whimsical, colourful and overloaded with platforming charm, it's a rhythmically precise and quirky treasure and easily one of Ubisoft's finest games.

    8.SPEC-OPS: THE LINE- Admittedly I watched the initial trailer for Spec: Ops: The Line and I thought that it would be a generic military shooter that wouldn't do anything unexpected that would catch us off guard. Then it released with exceptional storytelling, fantastic shooting mechanics and fantastic pacing. One of the best games of 2012 that hasn't received much attention since its release.

    9.WHAT REMAINS OF EDITH FINCH- One of the most understated yet emotionally absorbing gaming experiences I've played. More than any walking simulator could ever hope to be, What Remains of Edith Finch has you play through sombre experiences, sometimes in despairing fashion and some in an unexpectedly gleeful fashion. My 2017 GOTY for sure.

    10.FALLOUT: NEW VEGAS- Rounding off the list is probably my favourite RPG of all time Fallout: New Vegas. It could be the glowing neon, the Mojave desert's danger juxtaposed with the strip's beacon of safety, or it could be my stomach after eating at the Ultra Luxe casino-but New Vegas is an outstanding RPG. Yeah it has some technical issues but what an amazing and rewarding game, so entrenched in lore and interesting things-I don't think I've been so engrossed in a videogame's world before. Simply excellent.

  • I'll pay people to try out Gravity Rush. Both of 'em.

  • To the Moon
    The Last of Us
    12 Minutes
    The Last of Us Part II

  • Banned

    Guardian Heroes
    Super Mario RPG Legend of the Seven Stars
    The Specialists (Half-Life mod)

  • Psychonauts

  • Time for you guys to put your money where your mouth is. I'm willing to play these games for a good buck.

  • Balan Wonderworld.

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