Quake champions Gameplay Reveal

  • Youtube Video

    Looking excellent. im not much into MP games but DAMN!! thats freaking QUake.! no way im going to miss it. ID software is back with Doom and Quake!!

  • I'm really enjoying how they are embracing the hardcore fast paced culture surrounding Quake.

    It seems like developers have been scared to do so in the past, in fear of scaring away casual audiences.

  • Banned

    I just want people to realize that we live in a world where a new Wolfenstien and Doom were met with critical praise, and there is excitement over a new Quake.
    I... I need a minute you guys. I've got something in my eye.

  • looks amazing....to bad i'll never play it cause they wont be putting it out on console.

    also this looks like what the doom MP wanted to be lol.