The EZA Forum Hall of Greats (September 2021)

  • @ffff0 said in The EZA Forum Hall of Greats (September 2021):

    Since this process took almost a month, I think 3 months break is a good interval (basically, doing next one in January, then in May, then in September). Preparing submission and discussing them afterwards takes significant amount of time, and if we do this too often, it will be like a job.

    I don't think we should start the new one immediately either. Speaking personally, I had a great time but there's something a little exhausting about it, so I think spacing it out would be great. I for one would be cool with doing it quarterly, meaning we'd have 4 a year and the next one would be in December, but I'm cool doing it 3 times a year as well.

    Now I'll talk about what I voted for and why:

    I ended up giving Apex Legends my number 1 vote. I think ffff0 did a great job of explaining why the game is so good and how it figured out how to foster a good player base. I don't like competitive online games because of the toxicity, so I really appreciate how much time was spent talking about the social aspects that promote positivity. I've never played the game, and realistically I never will, but it was a very persuasive presentation for an unexpected pick.

    I gave Majora's Mask my number 2 vote. It's my second favorite Zelda game and it's so wildly creative that I just had to give it something. Truly a masterclass in tone. The only thing that held it back was that Oscillator mentioned it was a worse game without a guide, but other than that a solid presentation.

    Against all odds I gave FFVII my third place vote. I don't enjoy JRPG combat and I've never played the game, but I think Brannox did a great job of explaining why it has such an indomitable legacy. I also really appreciate that he mentioned the cheat codes, which I didn't know existed and greatly increase my chance of playing it. Also didn't know that a lot of content was missable because of meaningful choices, which sounds really cool.

    THUG seems like a great game and DIPSET made a great presentation, skateboarding games just don't really pop out at me. They're something that needs to be played in order to understand how great they really are, but I've never played it so I don't have that connection. Tony Hawk games all sort of look the same from the outside looking in too, so that doesn't help.

    Sands of Time seems like a fun game, and I played one of the later Prince of Persias and had a good time, there just appears to be a level of repetition that is somewhat uninteresting to me. I thought it was a great presentation by Sentinel Beach, and maybe when that remake comes out I'll be able to see first hand why it's so good, but right now it's just not grabbing me.

    GTA Vice City seems like a fun enough game, and JD did a great job of explaining why he likes it so much, I just don't really care for GTA. They're games that I have a good time with, but the narratives rarely grab me and the humor is somewhat grating, and after a point the sandbox gameplay grows tiresome. Just not my favorite kind of game.

    Also just wanted to thank you all for participating! I had a great time and it literally wouldn't be possible without you, so thanks.

  • In case anyone can and wants to tell our story on Community Showcase, submission post is up.

  • Personally, this was actually really fun, but I don't know if I am passionate enough or articulate enough to explain myself for 5 minutes of behalf of my game 4 times a year, so I vote for 3 Forums Hall of Greats per year.

  • I think @Capnbobamous should bring the forum Hall of Greats to the community showcase as he managed it all. If not I don't mind making my showcase post on the subject.

  • I'm not at the $10 tier, so I'm happy for someone else to bring it. I know @Brannox told me earlier he wanted to talk about it, but I don't know if that's still the case.

  • It is. I've already submitted, and it's my closing paragraph.

  • @brannox Can you maybe also mention points total? I think, the best part of our voting was the fact that 5 out of 7 games were single 3-point vote away from top spot.

  • @ffff0 I don't have the space to fit it in with the word cap, though I do say in my last sentence to direct people to come here to the thread if they're curious about how things shook out. For the Showcase, regardless of month, I always write out what I want to say which always means I have to cut and reword a LOT, which takes me days to do, and it's not easy. Since I've already submitted, I don't want to risk Patreon arbitrarily deleting the post if I try to edit anything.

  • How did I just see this?! This is amazing!!!!

  • @brunojoey

    Still undecided on when we'll do the next Forums Hall of Greats. Likely will happen around December or January if you want to join on the 2nd Induction.

    The thread is surprisingly quick to read top to bottom now, if you want to catch up on how this one went. OP is updated with presentations, questions, and responses.

  • @DIPSET I will gladly try to actually look at the forums around then to be ready!

  • Shout-out to our endeavor on recent Community Showcase at 19:49:

    Youtube Video

    P.S. If you curious, I've brought a video highlighting one of Apex Legends' characters. It's at 1:56:50.

  • Hey everybody, just a reminder that I'm planning on doing this again in January, so if you're interested in participating it wouldn't hurt to start thinking about it now. Cheers!