Favourite Far Cry Game

  • Which Far Cry game did you enjoy the most? I think Far Cry 3 is the best because it changed and modernized Far Cry for the better and it was quite superb. Yeah the protagonist and his chums weren't interesting but Vaas is quite the legend as far as videogame villains are concerned. I enjoyed Far Cry 4 and Pagan Min was charming and ruthless at once but I kinda think The Golden Path were annoying. Far Cry 5 really did a fantastic job in parts of making its world really inviting and shady but the Ubisoft formula got in the way of those qualities a bit too much. I did play Far Cry 2 but its attempts at realism made the game a chore, such a shame because the African setting was so fresh and setting fire to stuff felt satisfying as the blaze would grow and rip across field and climb buildings.

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    I think I remember FC3 most fondly because it changed the series for the better in so many ways, but since then the series has sort of settled into it's own ways a bit too much and become derivative of other Ubi franchises as a whole.

  • 4 is my favorite. It was also my first Far Cry game so I wasn't tired of the formula yet.

    1. Far Cry 4
    2. Far Cry 5
    3. Far Cry Primal
    4. Far Cry New Dawn

  • 2 for sure.

  • Far Cry 2. it didnot have long cinematic, it didnot have arrow show where to go, it didnot had see through walls. instead it was more immserive game with dynamic weather system and weapon jamming. it was such a great game. FC3 was step backward and water down version.

    new far cry games are just terrible re re rehash of FC3.

  • Not a big fan but Blood Dragon I love.

  • The first one is still my favorite.

  • @b-cell

    FC2 is my least favourite AAA game of all time. I feel really good about the opinion knowing that you love it.

  • @dipset It didn't make the 2008 top 25 though.

    I also really didn't like it. I'm surprised it has a bit of cult following nowadays.

  • Blood Dragon by far, it's short, sweet and hilarious, and it left me wanting more.

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    @phbz Oh my god I can't believe I forgot about Blood Dragon.
    Scratch my previous answer. Blood Dragon is my favorite.

  • Honestly it's still Far Cry 2 for me, despite it not holding up as well as I thought it would when I replayed it like a few months ago. It is way ahead of it's time. I feel like if they made a sequel that built on the realistic feel of it, but also streamline and iron out a few things, it could be a far more welcoming, yet still unique game.

    I also like Far Cry 4 a lot, the overall story turned out to be pretty neat at the end and I can't get enough of the setting of this one.