Sonic Blinding Colors

  • I've got to admit something, Sonic Colors isn't as good as it looks. I've started playing Sonic Colors: Ultimate and although the presentation of the levels is mesmerizing and the speedier parts of the levels are exhilarating-the platforming sucks bad.

    I think what's fueled me to write this post is people's love for Sonic Colors. I've seen all the rave reviews and some say it's the best Sonic game there is, but I don't know where they would be coming from if they said that. It's great that people love Sonic Colors if they do, but it's infuriating to me at parts. The command for jumping seems to lag, there are parts of stages where Sonic goes so damn slow all because he's waiting for a platform to rotate around so he can continue with the level. There are so many frustrations that the pleasure of playing Sonic is just hard to see when the design is so compromised-and I don't think many people see it or acknowledge it.

    Do you guys feel the same way or am I alone here?