2021-The Year of the Platformer

  • So far it's been a great year for videogames but I think that this year more than any other it's been about platformers. From the terrific next-gen spectacle showcase Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart to the nostalgic yet amazingly whimsical and creative Psychonauts 2 and the awesome co-op magnificence that is It Takes 2, it's been a huge year for this often back-seated genre. Little Nightmares 2 was pretty great as well and really polished the foundations the original laid, upping the ante with more memorable terrors and monstrosities. What is your favourite platformer so far this year?

  • @jdincinerator If Returnal counts, Returnal. If not, probably Bowser's Fury.

  • Psychonauts 2 is my favorite platformer this year with Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart and Little Nightmares II close runners-up. I haven't played It Takes Two but I enjoyed watching the Brandon Jones and Blood playthrough.

    Shout out to Oddworld: Soulstorm and Kaze and the Wild Masks. Good platformers but not on the same level as those other games.

  • Really? Platformers haven't been on my radar at all this year.

    Unless you count Metroid Dread as a platformer since it has platforming elements in it's gameplay

  • @yoshi I think generally looking at the whole industry I believe it to be the best year for animated platform games yet.

    I wouldn't say anything yet because Metroid could be dreadful....

  • Banned

    Yeah this has been a pretty tops year for platformers. Since Ori and the Will o the Wisps we've been in a sort of modern platforming renaissance. Hoping Kena and other upcoming games keep up the trend.

  • I was kinda thinking the same thing @JDINCINERATOR this year is really pushing platformers to pretty high heights.

    I've only played It Takes Two and everything you do in that game exists in other games: jump, double jump, roll, sprint, shoot, spin. But the way it contextualizes the simple platform mechanics in open world segments encourage a ton of exploration. It's kinda like Astro's Playroom in that you can interact with almost everything. So you'll run around a big open area for a while, jump on some stuff, maybe try attacking or pulling some random objects. My girlfriend is running around somewhere else and tells me to run over to her. So now I kinda put on pause whatever dinking around I was doing to go find her and we'll team up to finish this little side activity. Not a level or a goal but just something small like splashing paint on her then she runs around a canvas.

    Those little moments are just for fun and amusement but add so much to the overall game. In that regard alone, I feel like ITT is pushing boundaries we haven't seen pushed in this genre for a while.