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  • I am huge advocate of games that are shameless and show us something off-the-wall, audacious, really fun and exciting. This means something different for everybody but certain games I personally show their junk proudly include Conker's Bad Fur Day (sometimes literally so), Psychonauts 2, Huntdown, GTA V (or any GTA game for that matter), It Takes Two, South Parks The Stick of Truth and The Fractured But Whole, Binary Domain, the Yakuza series and the Danganronpa series are just a few I think show us how daring and creatively nuanced the videogame industry can be when it's on point.

  • Xenogears- Probably one of the most insanely ambitious games ever made, it's onthe PS1 of all things. I don't even think we have the technology today to realise the directors vision. The games story is so complex and nuanced without being too pretentious. Multiple combat mechanics aswell a graphics that pushed the old PS1 to its limit. Unfortunately going back to the game its a fucking total chore, but what an experience.

  • I haven't played them, but Suda51's titles are just that from what I've heard.

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    Ooo I like this thread.
    The game that immediately comes to mind for me is Dante's Inferno. A lot of people write it off as a Christian themes God of War rip-off, and in a lot of ways it is, but they do some really great stuff thematically.
    As for the "ballsy"-ness, there are enemies in the Lust circle that have a gigantic, clawed clitoris they attack you with.
    The final boss of the game, Lucifer, has a fully modeled cock and balls that have their own (highly exaggerated) physics and bounce around accordingly while you fight him.

    Man I wish they would remaster this game, or at least port it to PC or something. The sound design was also mind blowing. I would literally just sit there and blast the Holy Cross button to listen to the beefy sound it made.

    Another one of my favorites is the Devil May Cry reboot, DmC: Devil May Cry. It features a scene with what can only be described as a "sniper rifle abortion". Good stuff.

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    I really need to get around to playing Dante's Inferno. I remember playing the demo for a bit but never got around to playing the full game. Hell I think I have sitting on my X1X right now.

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