Does anyone here play albion online? / Is there an eza community / guild?

  • Just started playing last night, and the economy is the best ive seen in a video game. Local storage, with resources restricted to certain portions of the map. So if you want to move home, you have to load up your ox and settle in for a journey across the continent.

    Guilds fighting for control over resources, uneasy alliances across the whole northern zone, where they are forced to trade to share out the resources if they arent sure they can dominate their opponent and have enough men to hold the line at both spots.

    Bandits setting up camp on trade routes, preventing migration to the more lucrative zones.

    I love it, wish there could be a game like this with ff14 graphics.

    Anyone here play / want to start a guild? Im currently in bakka, but their taxes are killing me.

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