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    Anyone playing it? The review scores are encouraging but some of the recurrent criticism I've seen mentions simplistic combat and a glacial pace at times, so I'm worried that it may turn out to be a drag, especially over a reported 35 hours.

    But it looks so gorgeous and inviting, I'd really like to be convinced otherwise!

  • I definitely liked the demo way back when. 35 hours seems gratuitously long for this game though.

  • I think it's oxymoronic that Eastward gets a westward release.

  • I started it on the weekend and played for 3-4 hours. It definitely one of the best looking indies ever, music is also nice. Combat is satisfying from what I see.

    Buuut it's slower than I expected and I hope it's because I'm still in ''prologue'' kind of part even though it says ''Chapter 1''. If it still continues even after some big event which I can guess then I will have a hard time finishing it and all these art will be wasted.

  • Banned

    This post is deleted!

  • https://metro.co.uk/2021/09/20/eastward-review-zelda-meets-earthbound-15283877/

    Perfect review for the game. After playing it for 7-8 hours I can say this: TOO MUCH DIALOGUE! It's not what expected at all. If you are curious about it and want to give it a try, remember this: You won't play a beatiful looking fluid action-adventure but instead beatiful looking dialogue heavy, light action old school RPGesque indie. I would be really happy if they showed this side of the game while promoting it instead of the ''adventure'' vibe they usualy went on the trailers.

    I heard it's getting better after chapter 3 so I might give it a little bit more while I am at it but after that probably won't see the finish line if it's going to continue like that.