Rockstar Will Reveal New Projects "Soon," - Ally Thoughts?

  • Another vote for a new RDR. It's the only R* game I've actually finished. I mean I like messing around in GTA as much as the next guy but somehow they didn't grab my attention as well as Red Dead Redemption did.

    @RockDoctor said in Rockstar Will Reveal New Projects "Soon," - Ally Thoughts?:

    My hope is for a new RDR....There are plenty of rumblings that it'll happen and surely they're aware of the interest.

    My fear is that they'll move towards an online focus. I'm sure that GTA online has been a big money maker for them.

    Aw man, I hadn't considered that. Makes me a bit nervous but I feel R* won't compromise the SP campaign for MP stuff.... I hope.

  • I'm excited to hear about anything from Rockstar, I consider them to be one of the very best devs in the industry. New Red Dead would be cool, but I'd also be down for some good single player DLC for GTA V. Something new would be awesome too, I loved Bully and the Warriors, and even though there's kinda of an over flow of open world games out there now no one does them better then Rockstar. Hell I new Max Payne would be cool, I really enjoyed Max Payne 3... kinda want to play it again now.

  • Any chance that Agent may finally make an appearance. It apparently hasn't been officially cancelled.

    A RDR sequel seems like the more obvious move Rockstar will make. Since it was a huge hit. And there's certainly room in the market for old American West based games.

  • Not gonna happen, but I'd love to see a sci-fi game by Rockstar. I'm imagining a game set on a location like the Citadel from Mass Effect only you play as a smuggler or perhaps even a detective.

    One can dream...

  • @Light
    Thanks, now I want this and won't get it.

  • I'd be legitimately very mad if it isnt a red dead game.


    Rockstar will begin minting their own real world currency, based on the online in-game money from GTAV . It can be used in a range of Rockstar Approved* stores and services. Target and Starbucks are amongst the list of companies that have already announced they've signed on. What this means for the dollar is anyone's guess.

  • Since it was all but confirmed that Red Dead 3 was supposed to be shown at Sony's E3 conference but pulled out because of Orlando and the gameplay being a shootout in a bar, I'm confident we will see something about that.
    Maybe Agent will finally be a thi-HAHAHA sorry I couldn't help myself.

    If we get a new Bully I'll piss my pants.

  • @El-Shmiablo Man, I still need to play Bully. I keep hearing about how good it is.

  • @El-Shmiablo
    It was?

  • Bully is all i care about, RDR was meh compared to GUN

    GTA5 got boring after i beat the story

    and thats all they have, so Bully...yup

    or midnight club.

  • I'm not sure what to think. It really depends on what the announce, seems too soon for GTA 6. But I'll pass judgement when I see it.

  • @KingofDMC
    Really wish Activision would revist Gun some day. Hell I half expected Gun 2 to be announced once I saw Redemption getting all kinds of praise.

  • I have been quite critical of Rockstar among my personal friends recently. On one hand, I think GTA is the greatest satire of my entire generation as the satire is deeply rooted into all aspects of the game and can only exist in the game media. A prime example of this would be how GTA IV had an irrational right winged radio host named Bastien where among other things, his callers felt like America didn't have enough mascots, nukes, and that anybody speaking or reading another language on an airplane is likely a terrorist.

    GTA V comes out and updates this humour for current times. NPCs often get in car wrecks or even walk into traffic and die because they were taking selfies on their phones.

    On the other hand however, the gameplay has not expanded a lot in their open world games. Red Dead Redemption had a great narrative but even so, it was truly hindered by tonal issues in my opinion. One moment is very dramatic and serious and the next is low brow slapstick humour. Death of the west was a great theme but it never resonated throughout the whole story. Once the narrative is over then I hope you like to play poker because there isn't much else to do.

    With all of this said, I'm hoping for the sharp writing we expect in all of the extra parts of GTA (i.e. Radio, NPC, dialogue, etc) and apply it to a new Bully game that tackles a lot of current issues and ideals but in a more lighthearted way. Bully was a very unique game and it really should have had a sequel. Why not now?

    I would like a new Red Dead game as well but it certainly needs to contain the narrative into something more dramatic. I wasn't pulled like everybody else was in the last game.

  • I hope it's Body Harvest 2.