So... how big are the Easy Allies ?

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    I've been a devoted fan since GT and wow, it's been a pleasure watching them start again and get to where they are now.
    I love the small fr ies joke, but now with all the developer showcases (which are awesome!), this question has been running through my mind... How could one even gauge such a thing ? Is there like gaming- media power rankings ?

    Would certainly appreciate your thoughts on the matter anyhow !

  • I feel like if they show up consistently at an AAA game's accolades trailer (which EZA has done a couple times), I think they're pretty much big enough to be considered a step above small fries, lol. Obviously that's a flawed method but I do believe it to some extent. Outside of using viewer metrics and shit, I honestly don't know how to seriously define that.

  • I think GT and EZA have always been a household name within the medium. They've held a certain level of respect and laud from fans and publications. I don't see them being as big outside of it though (mostly EZA).

  • The way I see it Easy Allies are the biggest pile of fries that I want to nosh on. This is to say they're the biggest gaming publication to me and all others are small fries by comparison.

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