Easy Allies Destiny players

  • Hi Guys,

    I'm hoping to get an easy allies raid group going on both platforms, I'm on Xbone in the UK, any PS4 players? Anybody game? Hope so!

    PS4 Players:
    Gibbomadness - UK - GMT

    Xbox One Players:
    x Dredgen Yor x - GMT
    SIX min WHISTLE - EST timezone

  • I'm on PS4. From the UK so on GMT.

    PSN Gibbomadness

    I play from time to time but can get on more regularly if more ppl want to play.

  • That username. You must really like Destiny. I might write here later. German, but pretty fluent in english, just very busy atm. Good luck with youd topic, Ally!

  • SIX min WHISTLE on Xbone. Titan main.

    US - EST timezone

  • had out first Easy Allies game, myself and six man taking on the nightfall, I got a truth so was quite happy as i didn't have it, and a better taken shotgun (Full auto!) than the one i had. Good game.

  • I'm always up for getting back into Destiny. I've yet to try Taken King, and the new expansion might be fun.

    My PSN is bluscorp91.

  • Banned

    Haven't played in a while. Have a Sunsinger Warlock with a Heart of Praxic Fire and Really Good Advice. Only LL286 though.

    PSN: ElShmiablo

  • I haven't played in a while, but I've been thinking about getting back into it! Especially to get that platinum trophy, I only have Flawless Raider left for that. My PSN is Jamicov!