EZA Game Score Predictions

  • Back in June I asked what the community thought EZA would score Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart, so I think it'd be cool to make the score predictions a regular thing even though we aren't entirely sure which games the Allies will review or not. With this week being quite big for videogames I think we could start sharing our predictions, we could even make a game of it-maybe bonus points if we guess the reviewer correctly too. Anyway here are my predictions for EZA scores coming up:
    Far Cry 6- I think Ben Moore is on tap to review FC6 and I reckon it'll get an 8.0.
    Metroid Dread- I think Damiani is going to be reviewing Dread and I reckon it'll get a 9.0.
    JETT: The Far Shore- I'm not entirely sure which Ally would cover a review for this game but I'll predict Brandon Jones and I think it'll get 8.5.