Favorite Arcade Games

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    Hello Allies,

    Sega recently closed its Sega Ikebukuro Gigo arcade on September 20th. Ending the landmark arcade's 28-year-run. I've never been there but I've always enjoyed going to arcades. To pay respects, I wanted to ask:

    What are your Favorite Arcade Games? And what are your Favorite Arcade Gaming Memories?

    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is the first arcade game I can remember playing. I was so young that my dad had to hold me up just to play it. This game was all I thought about for months, and I was constantly trying to convince my family members to take me back to that arcade.

    NFL Blitz is my favorite arcade game. I first played it at a movie theatre and it blew my mind how fast and smooth the gameplay was. About a year later, I picked up NFL Blitz 2000 for the N64, and played it all the time. I really miss the series, most sports games these days feel very stale by comparison.

    Some of my other favorites include: The Simpsons Arcade Game, Cruis'n USA, Ms. Pac-Man, The House of the Dead 1&2, Daytona USA, NBA Jam and Sunset Riders. And shout out to pinball machines.

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    I used to hit up the arcade every lunch hour in junior high and play Tekken 3/Tag, Marvel vs Capcom 2, and Police Trainer with friends.

    I also never forget finding out Disney World had an F-Zero AX machine in my hotel lobby. Pretty sure that's where I spent most of the trip.

  • I grew up late in the arcade era so I had the most fun with newer titles. Time Crisis 3 and 4, and The House of the Dead 4 were my go-to shooters. I also remember playing a lot of F-Zero GX arcade (there was only one in my city!), the Golf GTI racing game, and the Wangan Midnight arcade game that has the feature to save your progress through cards that the machine makes. As for fighting games, Tekken 3 is king.

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    Police Trainer was the thing like Time Crisis but you used your whole body to dodge right?

  • When it comes to games I actually played at the arcade I have a few that come to mind.

    Final Fight. Must have been late 80s of very early 90s. This is the first arcade game I can remember playing with my mates. Graphics blew me away. Way better than anything you could get at home. Right coin muncher this one.

    Virtua Racing/Daytona USA. Again graphics were to good for my young mind to comprehend. The 4 cabs all linked together. Bragging rights and to the winner great memories.

    Area 51. Not the best light gun game. Think it was a bit easier than most your 20p stretched a lot further. Remember finishing this with a friend in the mid 90s.

    1. Dodonpachi
    2. Rayforce
    3. Boogie Wings
    4. Denjin Makai II
    5. Out Run 2
    6. Windjammers
    7. Sunset Riders
    8. Super Street Fighter II Turbo
    9. Out Run
    10. Metal Slug
    11. Time Crisis 2
    12. The Outfoxies
    13. Battle Garegga
    14. In the Hunt
    15. The Cliffhanger: Edward Randy
    16. Daytona USA
    17. Elevator Action Returns
    18. Galaga
    19. Twin Hawk
    20. Rolling Thunder
    21. Lucky & Wild
    22. Ms. Pac Man
    23. Dead Connection
    24. Armed Police Batrider
    25. Capcom vs. SNK 2

  • I'm a bit too young to have grown up with arcades but I've spent a fair amount of time playing at arcades when the opportunity arises. I love the spirit of a good arcade game—buy one, put it somewhere for people to inadvertently enjoy when they visit your venue.

    A friend of mine used to invite me to a cottage campground rental every summer. In the indoor pool / sauna area there was a pool table with a few cabinets: Arkanoid and Metal Slug. So we're supposed to be at a campground in North Ontario enjoying the beauty of this beachside lake resort thing and we're 12 year old just hammering away at Metal Slug. It was free as well!


    New trend for those of you who live in Yuppy Cities like I do is the "Barcade". There is a legit Pinball bar near me that charges $10 cover for access to many pinball machines, console game emulation booths, and a few arcade machines. I really love the Metallica pinball. I also like playing 2-player Bobble Bobble with a friend. The atmosphere in there is fun but it's not really a gamer crowd. More like people who wanna socialize at a fun spot. So not too many serious people and definitely too many people in my elbow space when it fills up.


    If I had to pick one, it's Arkanoid. I got full blown addicted to it when it came with my family computer when we got Windows XP in 2002. Such an amazing game.

  • I have not much experience in arcades since we had them before I had any spending money and they are all pretty much gone here but during short youth time I experienced X-men vs Street Fighter which is still my favorite arcade experience. Also played Metal Slug 2, bit Sega Rally and Hydro Thunder.

    Last few years though I got to play Initial D inside Subaru Impreza on hydraulics(not there anymore) which was fantastic, Mario and Sonic Olympics by running on actual threadmill, hit and flip the table on office/family game, various rythm/fighting games and many many more on my trips to Japan so I have been lucky to have tried some really cool stuff. Sadly missing some since my japanese is mostly from watching anime and I can't read any of the letters(which I need to at least improve to beyond basics).
    Arcades are in dire situation again because of covid-19 but I hope there are places where people can keep enjoying them.