Price/Performance How affordable will VR have to be for average people.

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    Hello Allies. I was think with performance from the pc side getting more and more powerful every year. How long will it take and what price range will the hardware have to be for your average consumer to think about getting in to VR. AMD tryed making a powerful enough gpu for VR at a great price range, but they had some problems with its power.

    What will be your sweet spot for the price to get in to VR ? Because your price might be different from your average consumer.

  • Well its really hard to say honestly, everyone is going to have varying degrees of interest in VR and people's finical situations may vary greatly. I think the price for just the VR equipment is just one factor. They also need some other hardware to run the VR off of. In this case I think the PS4 holds a good position. If you have a ps4 already you got half of the equation. Most people will also have a PC but I'd be willing to bet the majority of them aren't up to the task of running VR. I think PS VR will be a great benchmark to test the waters of VR. It'll seem like the most affordable option because there's already a sizeable install base. I think the PS VR set is priced nicely, it succeeding or failing will say a lot about if the world is really ready/interesting in VR or not.

  • I've tried both the Vive (mindblowing) and the PSVR (Pretty cool) and i honestly believe the PSVR is going to be good enough for the mainstream gamer.

    "Good enough" is all VR needs to make enough money to survive a second wave of headsets that are both Mindblowing and affordable.

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    Agreed, I feel like if PSVR can't get a foothold in the VR market I just dont know if it'll take off or not. Personally I'm thinking of getting the PSVR with the expectation that it'll be serviceable but not the best on the market. Little worried about its longevity and how much use ill really get out of it but I'll willing to give it a shot.

  • @TheMarcV It's going to depend on the content and support I guess. If Sony plays it smart, they will bring additional media to the headset and not just games.

    The Deepsea Sharkcage demo is pretty cool and if there are enough little things like that, it will expand the audience a bit.

  • @TheHashtag0nist
    Agree again, I do wonder how they are going to price out those smaller experiences like the shark tank. I don't really think VR will need like super big games, mostly because I just don't know how long I can have that things strapped to my face before I need a break.

  • There is a new headset from razer coming out soon with same specs as vive for 500 bucks, which is really tempting, so I would say around this price range or lower. The more important part is getting some big anf impressive games for VR.

  • Valve just released their tracking tech to the open market, so we should see a lot of options in tech that brings down the prices. Super awesome

  • @sblomkamp Kinda wish they released Half-Life 3 instead.

  • Honestly for me it'd have to be the dominant form of gaming media for me to take a look at it, There's been too many weird and frankly money grubbing stunts console developers have pulled over the last few years that have left me with the idea that I really should not be an early adopter of anything anymore.

    I need proof this isn't going to be a fad all over again, it's not as if 3D headset are a new concept either, this has surfaced before and died quickly because the technology wasn't quite there yet. Now the technology is there but the price is going to far outweigh the value I think.

    So I'll be sitting on the sidelines for awhile.

  • It's the dawn of the age of the waifu, how much would you pay for true love?

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    @sblomkamp. So that will be able to work on Oculist ? What about PS VR their tech is weaker will it work for them too ?

  • @Acidtrip-69 What valve did means that the patent is open source. So anyone can jump in and use their tracking system fo rtheir own hardware. I see Oculus and Sony type competitors coming up with their own solution regardless, especially with their established headsets out the gate. Im not sure of the logistics of incorporating competitor tech at that scale if they wanted to, I feel public perception and the press would tear them apart for it. Like, wouldnt that be conceding? Im just a dumb artist working with the tech, so you could fit what I know about that sort of stuff on the head of a pin

  • As somebody who barely follows the narrative of VR, I have to say that the VR talks around the internet have to be some of the most boring and ambiguous of any recent media I can think of.

    Somebody needs to streamline VR for the average consumer because discussion about horsepower goes over most heads.

  • @GoTaco checks to see if theres any discussion of horsepower... nope. So how can I help you?

  • @sblomkamp
    The average person doesn't know anything about GPU's. They just wanna buy something and have it work.

    Then there is so much speculation discussion about future products across the web that it treads into ambiguity territory. I very highly doubt VR will catch on unless somebody is able to speak in laymans s terms for the average consumer.

    That is the long form of what I originally posted.

  • @GoTaco well yeah, totally, you're right. But i think people kinda forget how much "at the beginning" we really are. Its a testament to the actual public interest its spoken about as much as it is in as many circles as it is when in reality its jsut the beginning and the main people dealing with it are niche enthusiasts and tech early adopters at this stage, whose parlance is exactly that sort of techno wizadry stuff in comparison.

  • @sblomkamp that's true. However, a lot of people are very interested in VR at the moment. Even average folks wanna give it a go. I think now is a good of time as any to spell out the benefits and potentials for VR is a mass audience.

    What companies should have this responsibility is kinda up to them but I bet the one that spells it out the most will do the best. I mean the VCR wasn't as great as the Beta Max but the VCR killed it because people got on board quicker and understood it (as a loose analogy).

  • @GoTaco oh dude, I am soooo bleak about how poor messaging has been regarding VR. A lot of people (myself included) resort to "you literally have to try it to understand" but that just doesnt cut it. The stuff going on is crazy exciting, i wanna grab the people in charge of Oculus and Vive and shake them hard for exactly the reasons you're citing.