Big-Name Franchises You Don't Care About/Can't Get Into

  • Honestly, this might sounds blasphemous to some, but I haven’t ever gotten into one single Blizzard game in my life. I downloaded the World of Warcraft free trial back in maybe 2006. It took a whole weekend to download and when I got to playing it, I didn’t like it nearly as much as RuneScape. Tbh, I thought it was boring.

    Never played Warcraft, StarCraft, Diablo or any of them. They looked completely unappealing to me when I was younger and I’m still not sold on most of their catalogue.

  • The biggest franchise I don't care about is probably Animal Crossing. I've always found these games to be extremely boring and tedious. Catching a fish, finding a new fruit or buying a new lamp just doesn't excite me that much.

  • @shoulderguy

    Animal Crossing was actual child-crack in 2001 on GameCube. My buddy and I rented it upwards of 4 times in a row because we didn't want to return it. I couldn't wait to turn the system back on and see what new events transpire.

    Skip to 26 years old in 2020 and I quite literally couldn't be bothered with such a slow burn.

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    @dipset Oh yeah Animal Crossing is another one. "Life" sims in general were just never my thing. Harvest Moon is the same. Just don't see the point.

  • @dipset I think I only got into World of Warcraft because I jumped in around launch with friends who knew Warcraft lore going in. I still don't love it, and I'm forever upset what it did to the MMO industry. As for their other games, I'd big recommend the Diablo 2 Remake out right now if it wasn't for all the other stuff going on around Blizzard right now. There's enough other games to play that it is an easy skip, despite that game being fantastic.

  • @axel I see your point, Sonic games have usually valued speed over control and the franchise is pretty sloppy as a result. The point of playing videogames is to have a sense of control over what is happening and Sonic games too often bounds you off platforms and trips over itself with frustrating level design that the games just don't give you any real authority over what's happening with movement.

  • @mbun

    I guess I have a hard time getting into the shoot n loot "mindless" repetition, but I don't know enough about Diablo to confirm if it's like that or not. I got my fix in Baldur's Gate Dark Alliance when I was younger which had a more appealing aesthetic for me.

    I have some curiosity about Diablo II with it's darker tone but I also have this disconnect in the sense that I've gone this far in life without needing to play Blizzard games so why start now?

    But like you said, you only went in because you knew some people who cared about Warcraft ahead of time. I didn't have that. I knew roughly two people in school who even played WoW and one of them was outright addicted. Went from an athlete and good student, to complete social isolation and his WoW addiction caused serious marriage tension between his parents. So the appeal diminished even more when I saw him get that way. Nobody really pushed me to play any Blizzard game and nobody at school played them either.

    I'm almost 27 and I feel like Blizzard games in the 2000s were more for people who are 30-35 right now? I could be wrong but it seems like people who are 4-5 years older than me played them.

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    @dipset I will say that Diablo 3 couch coop is fucking awesomely fun.

  • @dipset If you like darker tones, you'd probably eat up Diablo 2 yeah, like immediately. It definitely has the looting but not the "shooting". Well, maybe if you play one of the classes I haven't before. If you're not digging a class you can just swap to another build or class though.

    Like you said though, you've come this far and aren't missing it or starving for games, so why bother? Especially during all the current Blizzard trashfest.

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    Alternatively if you want to play the logical evolution Diablo 2 without having to pay money, check out Path of Exile.

  • Assassin's Creed
    Gears of War
    Any Far Cry after Instincts.
    Dark Souls
    Most of the old God of War games.
    Ratchet and Clank
    A lot of fighting games.

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    @brawlman What fighting games are you interested in?

  • @yoshi I never got into god of war but I’m always amused how when god of war got rebooted into a different thing people were all on board in saying the old ones weren’t that good

  • @bigdude1 the old God of War games definitely look a lot more interesting than the new ones.

    they turned him from God of War into Dad of War. his beard looks stupid and the kid is annoying

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    @bigdude1 I don't think they were bad, but 2018 does evolve Kratos as a character quite a bit.
    Like when I was younger I thought Kratos was a total badass, killing innocent people just because they get in his way and having sex with concubines in minigames.
    Now he's achieved his revenge, realized how hollow it was, and is attempting to keep his son from becoming the monster he used to be. Much more appealing to adult/father me.

  • @el-shmiablo im talking more of how the core gameplay changed in general

    @yoshi I think they were just following the template that worked for last of us

  • @bigdude1 said in Big-Name Franchises You Don't Care About/Can't Get Into:

    @yoshi I never got into god of war but I’m always amused how when god of war got rebooted into a different thing people were all on board in saying the old ones weren’t that good

    I never understood that take considering how well the original games sold and how people consider God of War II one of the greatest games ever made and the last hurrah for the PS2, etc. I'm sympathetic to people getting tired of the mainline revenge story (GOW1: Revenge on Aries, GOW2: Revenge on Zeus, GOW3: Revenge on Zeus and all God's). However, it was effective in what it was... a brutal revenge story. I don't know why people expected more or less.

    GoW Ascension did absolutely nothing to enrich the greater lore surrounding Kratos and I think that is where I said to myself, "okay, I don't know if I need more of this," but with that said, it was still a very fantastic game.

    I'll gladly accept the GoW Reboot with a deeper focus on family and themes of containing your emotions and so on. But I never necessarily agreed with the sentiment that GoW was in dire straits.

  • @el-shmiablo

    • Street Fighter
    • Samurai Showdown
    • Guilty Gear Strive
    • KOF

    Even then, a lot of these I play casually. I lost interests in Tekken and Soul Calibur years ago. Tekken 7 just sits there. I do have FighterZ, but I don't pop it in much like I used to do.

  • @yoshi that’s what I felt too. But I’m more of a Dmc guy than dark souls

  • @dipset I don’t understand it either but that was definitely the vibe I got from the general fan base.

    I guess Zelda was like that too but I definitely like the classics.