Anyone else enjoying Tricky Towers

  • I know some people are annoyed that the vast majority of PS+ games are lesser known indies but I personally love when stuff like Tricky Towers happens. Never heard of it before learning it'd be this months PS+ game. It seemed interesting enough to give it a whirl and man I'm really enjoying it so far. I'd played with my roommate, my girlfriend, her brother and their family friend and its just been a blast. I'm now even playing online and loving it and I rarely go online in competitive games.
    I was just wondering if anyone else was pleasantly surprised with this game. Haven't even tried Rebel Galaxy and that one looks interesting as well.

  • I've played a bit of it and found it to be pretty fun. Quite a bit more tricky than I was expecting, at least the trials are

  • @Faaip
    Only played up to like eight of the trails, its a good way to kinda learn how the different modes and spells work. I feel the real meat of the game is with the multiplayer. I would recommend playing online if you cant get some people over to play locally.

  • I downloaded it the other day but it didn't really seem like my cup of tea. Might give it another go though.

  • @TheMarcV Yeah man my roommate has it too, were gonna try to get a game going sometime

  • @Faaip
    I do wish they let you mix local and online play, so you and your roommate could both go online and play. If you need someone to play with MMA_fan85

  • Maybe I'll give it another try someday. But I got bored of it.

    Perhaps its not what I'm in the mood to play now. I was hoping to enjoy it as TT reminded me of Tumble, the PS Move game I really enjoyed for some time.

  • @-Jak-
    Never played that one, didn't get the move and stuff till after I got a PS4 and their camera (found the move controllers cheap at a flea market, got them originally to play octodad and sportfriends). But hey, you gave the game and shot and if it didnt gel with you so be it. I respect that point of view 100x more then the "what? I never heard of this, it must just be indie garbage." view point you see so much online.

  • @TheMarcV Cool! I'll add you next time I'm on

  • Just played like 3 hours of it in a row with friends online. :D

    Fun game with friends, single player seemed meh but I still need to give a fair shake...

    @TheMarcV I bought Rebel Galaxy at launch and it's fantastic, although it was a bit imbalanced difficulty-wise...