What's Your "Niche"?

  • I'm confident that all of us here try to experience as many games of different genres as we can, but I'm sure that we have our own favorites. My question is, what kind of non-mainstream/popular games/genres that you guys are really fond of? My personal definition of this is that I will try out games of this kind even if they're not reviewed very well. Deciding mainstream/popularity levels is quite subjective at times, but I trust that you guys can judge it reasonably yourselves.

    I think a genre that I have been falling in love with in recent years is these story-focused relatively small open world games with that doesn't really on constant action or violence. Some of the best ones I played include the Shenmue games, Cloudpunk, and most recently JETT: The Far Shore. I'm currently playing The Good Life and it's pretty much like them too. They all have the same vibe for me. I can just live in these games without having to worry about random videogamey enemies interrupting my session. They also have a much higher level of immersion for me. I remember walking down Dobuita in Shenmue 1 for the first time, feeling like I'm actually being in a world that is real, and it's so impressive than a game as old as this can rival and beat modern games in this aspect. Games of this ilk that I really want to play rn are Sable and Lake.

    I also used to be really into "romantic" visual novels, especially when I was in high school. My obsession for them actually got me into playing some really great VNs that are much deeper than what I expected. I still play a couple VNs here and there, but most of them are guilty pleasures at best tbh. Some of my favorites include Katawa Shoujo, Sharin no Kuni, and ACE Academy.

  • Halo Wars. love that shit.
    despite it being a 12 year old game i still have a blast online with my xbox live buds with it

  • @bam541 Sometimes I have a knack for trying out poorly-received games so I can appreciate the really good games even more. I think it's easy for us to gravitate towards games that get really high scores and a lot of mainstream hype and attention, but when you play something like Ride To Hell: Retribution you should start to appreciate the value in games that work properly. The same can be said if you play Police Chase. Yes playing broken or otherwise shoddy games does seem like a waste of money and effort, but hey they're not without their own brand of hilarity either. I find that some of the strongest responses I have are when I play dreadful games because you can make your own fun out of them such as telling or creating jokes in your mind in accordance to the utter stupidity that you see unfolding before you.

  • @jdincinerator I wish I have more time to spent playing badly received games tbh. I'm kinda doing something like this on my PSP rn, playing some obscure stuff like the Brothers in Arms game (which sucked tbh) and the Dead to Rights game (suprisingly fun).

  • I'm your pretty typical AAA gamer so it's tough to say if I play anything particularly niche. I love me some COD, BF, Halo, Madden and all the generic stuff.

    I think I have to admit that I love a good dumpster fire of a video game. I feel like the early-to-mid PS360 era was a gold mine for dime-a-dozen mediocre shooter games and I'm not ashamed to admit that I've played a lot of them.

    One of my all time favourite generic cover shooters is Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days. That game was so completely fucking bullshit, yet, so hilariously unintentionally fun in it's execution that I've played through it at least 2.5 times. There is nothing funnier playing split-screen, getting an SMG, sprinting with the ridiculous camera shake, and just mercilessly spraying into a crowd of people in a Shanghai food market while the characters just scream obscenities at full volume as they trip on psychoactive drugs during a gun fight.

    So it's not really a niche genre or anything but I sometimes get a good kick out of jank or just below average games. Not even Swimming in 7's but outright 2-5/10 type games.

  • @dipset I also love those kind of mediocre shooters, I have a lot of them in my to-play list. I did enjoy Dog Days quite a bit, it's kinda unique but also generic in a charming way. I played 50 Cent Blood in the Sand earlier this year and it's also fun as heck.

  • I think the Gradius series will always be amongst my favorite video game franchises ever.
    I like shoot 'em ups but the Gradius series is the only one I have a big affinity for.

    I really can't find a category for my niche.
    Here are some other games I seem to love way more than other people: 3D Dot Game Heroes, Kula World, Ultima IV, Donkey Kong 94, No One Lives Forever. All 10/10 games if you ask me.

  • I guess SMT games, I feel like I'm only one who cares about that series.

  • @danjin44 You are not alooooooone. I am here with youuuuuuuu.

  • @bam541

    My objectively trash, yet hilariously enjoyable, Hall of Fame is this:

    1. Shellshock 2

    2. Kane & Lynch 2

    3. 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand

    4. Aliens Colonial Marines (so low res and low fps on PS3 split-screen that it's amusing in it's jank)

    5. Turning Point: Fall of Liberty (note - basically nothing fun about this game, but it's so effortless and shitty that I get enjoyment from small segments such as the hilarious screen tear and shake and cheap FX on turrets. AI is so braindead that it's amusing to test their stupidity)

    I still don't have a hard and fast rule about this though. No telling if I'll have fun with a bad shooter or not. For example, I got no pleasure from Army of Two. I hate that game.

  • @danjin44 I have been looking to get into that series for a while, I just really enjoy the instant death punishes that the combat system is known for. I'll probably try either Nocturne on SMT V first just because they're the most accessible ones.

  • @bam541 SMT IV was my first, and I feel like that one is a really good entry point too.

  • What makes SMT niche though? It’s an JRPG which is a massively popular genre. Or is it niche in the sense that SMT games are JRPGs but they don't sell millions of copies?

  • @dipset it's more the latter for me. I don't think SMT is that niche but it's certainly not the most popular JRPG franchise. Also I think the darker theme of those games and the way the combat system works helps it be a bit more niche imo.

    @DemonPirate that's the 3DS one right? they should port that one next

  • @dipset SMT are heavy dungeon crawlers, even more than Persona series and much tougher which makes not really friendly to most people.

    For me, SMT is more important than FF and even DQ, it my favourite RPG series all time.

  • I started playing Nocturne HD some time ago. Didn't get so far in but was really liking it. Unfortunately some personal stuff interupted my playthrough but I really want to come back to it.