Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack

  • @dmcmaster I definitely want to see experts dig into that one. I've been hearing the most noise around it, and I haven't played that game since playing it on the N64, so I can't really speak for it. Tried Mario 64, which I am way more familiar with, and I definitely felt none of the complaints I'd heard about with that. Just the usual Pro Controller not even close to being a replacement for an N64 Controller, mainly in the degrees of Analog control and replacing C-Buttons with a second Analog Stick for the camera, which makes controlling the camera kind of a nightmare.

  • Gonna be interesting to see what experts say.

    That said at this time I don't really see a need to upgrade just yet. The selection of games across both N64 and Genesis doesn't seem enough to entice me yet, not to mention reports of various emulation issues from (at least what I hear) Is Nintendo just throwing all the roms into a one size fits all solution which is creating issues in some games (screen tearing in Star Fox, input lag in SM64).
    Also while I kinda like the idea of giving DLC away as a added bonus to NSO locking it completely behind NSO+ with no other way to purchase it just seems wrong.

    In a more hypothetical scenario I'd have preferred seeing something like "NSO+ will give you immediate access to these DLC's from other games" with said DLC still being purchasable as a stand-alone item.

    Speaking of only one piece of DLC seems kinda weak, why not add in Fighter Pass 1 for Smash, the Xenoblade 2 DLC (including Torna) and the Mario + Rabbids Season Pass.

  • Between the annual fee, borderline necessary N64 controller, the need for a wired connection to make some games playable, and other nonsense, it sounds like it adds up cost wise. Whereas you can shell out money to just get these games on N64 and skip the headaches.

    Just my opinion, but I feel like it's easier to just find a physical version and about the same price depending on the game.

  • @dmcmaster said:

    locking it completely behind NSO+ with no other way to purchase it just seems wrong

    You can buy Happy Home Paradise standalone separately from the service for a one time fee of $25.

    why not add in Fighter Pass 1 for Smash

    The third party licenses probably don't allow for that.

    the Xenoblade 2 DLC (including Torna)

    That one is a bit weird because Torna was also sold standalone.

    and the Mario + Rabbids Season Pass

    There's barely any value there when you can buy the full game plus DLC frequently for like $20 these days, but sure.

    I think the other DLC they should've included was Age of Calamity DLC and the Splatoon 2 Octo Expansion DLC.

    @DIPSET said:

    borderline necessary N64 controller

    I would upgrade that to absolutely necessary for most of the games.

    the need for a wired connection to make some games playable

    Played some with a friend over wifi, and it was just fine. Of course if someone is on spotty wifi, that's never going to be fine, and it has nothing to do with the service really.

    Whereas you can shell out money to just get these games on N64 and skip the headaches.

    I think you have a whole new set of problems doing that, especially because there's zero online options there. The comparison is more Expansion Pack versus Emulator configured for Online, which is way more of a hassle to setup with friends and get into the games, but it can be a smoother experience, depending on the game. Even on PC, N64 Emulation still isn't great. The system is notoriously difficult to emulate properly without a bunch of emulation errors.

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    That Twitter back and forth on Zelda is really curious. I have no idea what's going on there. It looks like it's completely bugged out for one person but fine for another?

    EDIT: Oh, looks like there's something off with the guy who replied, so original screenshot probably still stands. Hoping Nintendo actually pays attention and fixes that.

  • the fact that users are already experiencing problems with N64 games on NSO on day one isn't a good sign.

    if Nintendo doesn't fix this shit fast this type of stuff isn't going to encourage people to continue subscribing to the expansion pass in the future

  • @mbun
    I was just using those as examples (also I forgot Torna got a standalone release), I was just trying to say if DLC is going to be included look thru the first party catalog of games that have DLC and offer more then just one single piece of DLC, and I used those games because they have been out awhile (Also Rabbids has a sequel coming).

    That said as things sit now I don't see much reason to get NSO+, unless they announce that NSO+ members get added discounts on the eshop similar to PS+.

  • A scathing indictment:

  • @dmcmaster I generally agree yeah. Just wanted to list why those particular ones might be passed over in favor of others. I think the biggest problem with this model is that the DLC you're letting people rent essentially needs to be built in a way in which it can be taken away without ruining the game if someone's subscription lapses. That might be why going forward they're going to roll out specific new DLC for it instead of relying on already released ones that weren't built for this.

    @Oscillator Yeah, now that's pretty damning. It is kind of generalizing, because quality definitely differs from game to game, but also he's not wrong overall. Expensive to properly buy into. No guarantee the library will get fleshed out at a good clip. Some games don't appear to be where they need to be for the expensive price of the service. Worst of all, in my opinion, all the other stuff is keeping so many from buying in, so even if you have it, very few of your friends will have it to play online with. Just like before, I still only recommend on buying in if you can huddle into a Family Plan so you're only spending $10 a year on this.

  • Well the rumor the day before NSO+ launched was N64, GB/GBC and Genesis. We got 2 out of 3 so far

  • I would be underwhelmed if Game boy/Game Boy Color was the other system added since they're charging double the price.

    Give us Gamecube Games or at least GBA games

  • @yoshi maybe gba with mother 3

  • At this stage I feel no guilt emulating Mother 3. The English translation is great. If they ever release it officially I will happily pay for it.

  • @paulmci27 My only problem with it is emulator is poor for the attack timing with the music, which makes me want an official release still, but otherwise agreed. Nintendo dragged their feed, so I have no qualms going that route.

    @Yoshi I remember talking with a friend where we tried to come up with good and likely GB / GBC games they could add to the service, and boy there are NOT alot of them, so yeah if it happens I hope it includes GBA games, which still don't have a ton since lots of the first party ones are shitty ports, but still better than solely GB / GBC. Gamecube would be awesome, but I feel like Nintendo is too stingy for it. They'd rather resell you Twilight Princess and Wind Waker separately again.

  • @mbun I feel like they probably plan to add another expansion to the online for Gamecube and beyond. They have gone in hard on the subscription model of late so I don't see them giving people permanent access to high demand products with a one time purchase if they don't have to. Oh my god, epiphany, they totally will and it will include Melee with online and everybody will eat it up. Ever since that guy with the super punchable face took over it feels like they have been much more into giving less for more.

  • @e_zed_eh_intern said:

    Oh my god, epiphany, they totally will and it will include Melee with online and everybody will eat it up.

    Not with the current Online performance they won't. It isn't up to snuff for people to be happy about it. Maybe casual enjoyers will, but you'll see ALOT of complaining from actual Smash players. I really doubt Nintendo would even go there though. They want people to forget about Melee and move on.

  • asking the important questions...

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  • @yoshi
    Know what......Goldeneye might make me get NSO+.....and 3 more N64 controllers