Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack

  • A scathing indictment:

  • @dmcmaster I generally agree yeah. Just wanted to list why those particular ones might be passed over in favor of others. I think the biggest problem with this model is that the DLC you're letting people rent essentially needs to be built in a way in which it can be taken away without ruining the game if someone's subscription lapses. That might be why going forward they're going to roll out specific new DLC for it instead of relying on already released ones that weren't built for this.

    @Oscillator Yeah, now that's pretty damning. It is kind of generalizing, because quality definitely differs from game to game, but also he's not wrong overall. Expensive to properly buy into. No guarantee the library will get fleshed out at a good clip. Some games don't appear to be where they need to be for the expensive price of the service. Worst of all, in my opinion, all the other stuff is keeping so many from buying in, so even if you have it, very few of your friends will have it to play online with. Just like before, I still only recommend on buying in if you can huddle into a Family Plan so you're only spending $10 a year on this.

  • Well the rumor the day before NSO+ launched was N64, GB/GBC and Genesis. We got 2 out of 3 so far

  • I would be underwhelmed if Game boy/Game Boy Color was the other system added since they're charging double the price.

    Give us Gamecube Games or at least GBA games

  • @yoshi maybe gba with mother 3

  • At this stage I feel no guilt emulating Mother 3. The English translation is great. If they ever release it officially I will happily pay for it.

  • @paulmci27 My only problem with it is emulator is poor for the attack timing with the music, which makes me want an official release still, but otherwise agreed. Nintendo dragged their feed, so I have no qualms going that route.

    @Yoshi I remember talking with a friend where we tried to come up with good and likely GB / GBC games they could add to the service, and boy there are NOT alot of them, so yeah if it happens I hope it includes GBA games, which still don't have a ton since lots of the first party ones are shitty ports, but still better than solely GB / GBC. Gamecube would be awesome, but I feel like Nintendo is too stingy for it. They'd rather resell you Twilight Princess and Wind Waker separately again.

  • @mbun I feel like they probably plan to add another expansion to the online for Gamecube and beyond. They have gone in hard on the subscription model of late so I don't see them giving people permanent access to high demand products with a one time purchase if they don't have to. Oh my god, epiphany, they totally will and it will include Melee with online and everybody will eat it up. Ever since that guy with the super punchable face took over it feels like they have been much more into giving less for more.

  • @e_zed_eh_intern said:

    Oh my god, epiphany, they totally will and it will include Melee with online and everybody will eat it up.

    Not with the current Online performance they won't. It isn't up to snuff for people to be happy about it. Maybe casual enjoyers will, but you'll see ALOT of complaining from actual Smash players. I really doubt Nintendo would even go there though. They want people to forget about Melee and move on.

  • asking the important questions...

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  • @yoshi
    Know what......Goldeneye might make me get NSO+.....and 3 more N64 controllers

  • I recently got into the xbla version. Still holds up

  • Something about N64 games have always been notoriously hard to emulate. Think PS3 games.

  • Paper Mario is coming December 10th

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  • Banjo Kazooie confirmed January 2022
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  • 5 new Mega Drive games just got added
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  • seems like its 1 new N64 game a month confirmed
    expansion pak required LMAO

  • I'm surprised they're doing two of the hardest games to emulate first - Paper Mario and Majora's Mask. It may be because they need to do single-player games first to give them time to add online play to multiplayer games like F-Zero X, 1080 Snowboarding, Wave Race 64, and Super Smash Bros.

    ...I just hope MM isn't TOO broken at launch. -_-