Vote for the EZA Community GOTY 2007

  • It's a tricky one, but I don't think The Orange Box should count as a single game, it's a compilation, with full games that came out prior to 2007, DLCs, etc. of very different genres.

    Portal and Team Fortress 2 both deserve to be considered individually, especially since some people may have played them outside of The Orange Box, so the votes could end up being split if we allow The Orange Box to be eligible.

  • I've sent my votes. As usual, initially I had doubts I'll get enough games to vote for, then I've reached Q4's list. Why most good games need to be released almost simultaneously?

  • @axel

    I feel pretty strongly about The Orange Box being one game. I mean, that just what it was. You’d go online and your friend would invite you to play The Orange Box, not TF2. Under your online name it would say The Orange Box.

    I feel like it throws a whole wrench in the voting when there are 3 brand new games in there alone that were sold and reviewed as one game at the time.

  • @shoulderguy said in Vote for the EZA Community GOTY 2007:

    Gametrailers GOTY 2007

    Were any of the allies we know now working at GT at that time? Or was it just Jones? Maybe Bloodworth?

  • What do we think about this one? It's basically the two previous games combined, but is it eligible? Edit. @Shoulderguy

  • Votes sent and honestly, of all the years we've focused on that ISN'T the year of, this is the one I've been looking forward to the most. I've played 16 games from that year, the most from any single year overall, so I'm confident I can be a part of the conversation more thoroughly than normal. Plus, it's 2007. That year had so many EXCELLENT games. I am so excited.

  • It's a shame I still haven't played the original Mass Effect. This year even handed it to me in a nice, new package, but I've still had no time for that. (Or the whole trilogy. I've played 2 and 3 before.)

    When it comes to the Orange Box I'd say it's a collection and thus not eligible. For what it's worth.

  • @axel I think the games came out at the same day as the Orange Box, or not? Maybe I don't remember this good.

    Either way it makes making the list more difficult. They are all 3 excellent games.

  • @shoulderguy It's also the first western release of Rondo of Blood. So by our rules Rondo is a 2007 game.

  • I say, all games from Orange box should be considered individually because:

    1. Some of them weren't new.
    2. They are now available individually.
    3. It's not that different from "extra-game as a pre-order bonus" - you buy one package, but get two different games.

  • I hear what you guys are saying about The Orange Box, but in the context of when it released, it was both a compilation AND a new game product. It was mostly reviewed as ONE game i.e. HL2 EP2, Portal, and TF2 gets one unified review score. It was sold as one unified product and, again, when you played it, your system would say you are playing The Orange Box, not any one specific game.

    I think it's important to consider the way it was sold at the time because TOB pre-dates the Humble Bundles or your average series collection or anything that you commonly find today. If you wanted to play HL2 EP 2, you needed to buy The Orange Box. I feel like a game such as Portal would've been evaluated differently if it was reviewed independently from The Orange Box (considering it's 2 hours).

    As far as I recall, many GOTY awards including the D.I.C.E Awards or Spike VGA's, The Orange Box was nominated, NOT each individual game. It was more than just a collection but a single gaming product. We should really look at it in the same way it was presented at the time.

    I'll let this go if we can confirm HL2 EP2, Portal, and TF2 were individually available in 2007, but I could've sworn that this wasn't the case (hence why TOB was reviewed as one single product).

  • @dipset Add to that that on consoles it was not possible to buy the games seperate.

  • @dipset controversial opinion but I back it.

  • @brannox I believe just blood.

  • @dipset It's a good argument, but here's my counter-argument. During our previous votes we consistently considered not games as they were that year, but games as they are today. For 2008 we've voted for Persona 4 while keeping Persona 4: Golden in mind. In 2011 we've voted for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and kept all its patches, versions and DLCs in mind. In 2007 we have Mass Effect and I'm sure many of us will consider Legendary Edition while casting their votes. So while Portal wasn't sold separately in 2007 it's totally is now. Therefore I think it's fair to count it as a separate game.

    Another argument is that counting multiple very different games as one is a bit unfair, because it will get more votes than it should. For example, people who loves shooters will vote for Orange Box (Half-Life) and BioShock. Imagine that BioShock gets more votes. Then Orange Box also get votes from those who loves puzzles (Portal) and comes on top of BioShock. This seems wrong: we collectively think that BioShock is a better shooter, but Orange Box is higher because it has another game tacked on.

  • Either way, The Orange Box was always going to divide opinions.

  • @ffff0

    Yeah, again, I don't really disagree with you. I mean, I don't disagree with you. But I just feel like in the same vein that shooter and puzzle fans might vote for The Orange Box, I feel like it's splitting the vote by separating them. I feel like the three new releases in The Orange Box are all GOTY caliber games and it'll force concessions and hard cuts which might affect the final vote if we split the games up.

    For example, Portal, a very short game, might get less votes if it has to stand on it's own whereas it might get more votes if it's included in The Orange Box (neither outcome is guaranteed, obviously). Or TF2 was an incredible multiplayer experience in the overall package, but on it's own, it might not get the same love. Especially considering how much it was modified in the F2P era years after The Orange Box released.

    I know we are debating whether historical context should matter in our vote, but for the sake of my point, I definitely feel like Portal in 2007 was absolutely a nice little bonus in the overall $60, but it's groundbreaking game design has sort of led us to retroactively evaluate it as it's own entity. Yet, I definitely think Valve included it in The Orange Box for a reason; it couldn't be sold on it's own at retail. The same thing can be said for TF2. It's one entity of the whole package that absolutely would not have survived on it's own in retail in 2007.

    Again, I'm making arguments here because I would like to vote The Orange Box as one game. I'm just making as many points as I possibly can make, but in the end, I'll defer to Shoulderguy. Would you be open to a staw poll @Shoulderguy ?

  • @neocweeny If that's true, then yes Rondo of Blood is eligible.

  • @dipset I always considered The Orange Box to be five different games in one collection and I said it was not eligible in the rules section already.

    I would be open to changing it but I have already received some votes, so it feels wrong to change it now.

  • @shoulderguy I respect you for already ending the discussion before it began XD

    Even if I don't fully agree.