Will Easy Livin' ever return

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    I've been watching the Easy Livin' stream from 2018 for the past few days and it's just reminded me what a cool idea and fun time stream it all was. I know they've done a couple attempts at it in the COVID era and Easy Chillin was only a few weeks ago. Have they said anything about the 50 hour beach stream coming back, obviously when we're fully it of COVID. Would love to see it return.

  • You could try submitting it as a Cup of Jones question (available to all $1 Patrons).

  • ^ Yup, just realized. I'm slippin'. :-/

  • I wish there was a way to reply without bumping the topic, since obviously this is a bot that posted in the wrong section, but they circled back a good point. (stolen from a Reddit post) I've already heard all the reasons and given Easy Chillin' a chance, but it really isn't the same. I can't honestly say I'll be excited for the next Easy Chillin' in the same way EZ Livin' was hype to look forward to each year. I feel like it is pointless to keep asking for it too, because they seem pretty decided in not doing it that way anymore, so it'd just come off as annoying to keep going on about it. It is all just disappointing. Maybe if we're lucky they'll come up with something else for next time that's not just a complete downgrade in every aspect.

  • I can’t watch a marathon stream nor watch every single VOD but I appreciate that they play a ton of fun games during them whether it’s in a beach house or at the studio.

    I can live with either or. From my experience with AirBnB during the pandemic, a lot of places only allow 2 adults for insurance reasons. Even the place I booked a few months ago still had that policy and our restrictions have lifted here. So that might be a factor for another year or so.

  • @dipset Yeah, if this is just a temporarily replacement during these times, that's all fine and dandy. My general feelings just stem from it sounding more like this is the new thing going forward.

  • Honestly the only big thing that Easy Chillin lacks for me is the no pausing marathons, obviously I'm not gonna go #All50 but I really enjoy the fact that I could just tune in any time and they would still stream something during that period. I do hope that they can find a good balance between making it fun for them and also being able to make it more special. I guess they couldn't do an all nighter at the studio yet with the Covid protocols, but I'm not familiar with LA Covid rules.

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